Tethered Photography Making Composites Possible On Set

Posted by: on Aug 27, 2013

Tethered Photography Making Composites Possible On Set
Video capture courtesy ©Douglas Sonders

Douglas Sonders was recently contacted by ad agency, Brains on Fire, for an amazing opportunity to create a 58 ft composite print for the BMW Performance Driving School. During the shoot, Sonders was able work closely with his creative director to review images as they were shot. He was able to roughly stitch images together on-site to see if the visuals were cohesive. 

Photo courtesy ©Douglas Sonders

Utilizing his Pro Tether Kit along with Phase One‘s Capture One Pro 7, he was able to capture nearly 13 stops of dynamic range in comparison to about 8.5 stops from a Canon in addition to the 40 megapixel sensor would ensure a higher quality and very large 58 ft print. 

Check out the video below to watch Douglas Sonders in action.

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