Tether Tools Pro Stefan Jönsson’s In-Studio Setup with Monitor

Posted by: on Feb 16, 2017

Tether Tools Pro Stefan Jönsson’s In-Studio Setup with Monitor
stefStefan Jönsson is a professional photographer and Tether Tools Pro Ambassador based in Sweden, specializing in commercial and editorial photography. His work can be found at www.stefanfoto.se. Stefan got a late start in photography. In only a couple of years his creativity and natural handling of light, reflection and color has won him a wide selection of reputable clients. His modus operandi is that of pragmatism; strategically placed and maneuverable lighting, utilized to get multiple exposures that can later be layered in editing – all to guarantee the perfect picture. Stefan Jonsson describes his photography style as artificial, “I love the feeling that something is almost to perfect, every part that you want highlighted perfect. When the lights just shape an object, and give it form.  Building images from different exposures just to make it almost too good.” He has humble beginnings shooting tethered, after having to tether up on his very first assignment as a professional photographer. “I got hired to shoot a web catalog, and in their studio, they shot tethered, so I saw how good and how my life as a product photographer just got so easy, not only because I could see the images on a large monitor, I could name time files after clients wishes, catalog and backup, all at the same time. So, after a day of shooting, backups were done, naming was done and archiving was done.  After that I started exploring more tethered options, and haven’t shot into a memory card for a few years now.” His tethered shooting setup always gets lots of interest when shared on social media, and for good reason.
“The setup is incredibly handy. You just bring your laptop to the studio and plug in. Roll the setup right where you want it and start shooting,” says Stefan. “It’s a really smart way to work.”
The setup starts with an Avenger Low Boy Junior Studio Roller Stand. Up top is a NEC 24″ Monitor that is calibrated with a Datacolor Spyder5ELITE – mounted using a Tether Tools Studio Vu Monitor Mount.
I use my MacBook Pro to see the whole image, and then my NED 24” Monitor to check focus. The great rig from Tether Tools makes my workday so much easier.
Then, a Tether Table Aero is mounted to the stand using a Rock Solid Side Arm Kit which includes a Rock Solid Side Arm and Rock Solid Master Clamp, all from Tether Tools. That gear holds his laptop, which is tethered using TetherPro USB cables and secured safely with JerkStoppers, and the table has several Tether Table Aero accessories such as the ProPad, Aero XDC, SecureStrap, Aero Cup Holder, and Aero Hooks.
Using my awesome tethering rig is perfect for checking focus, and so the client can easily see the end result.
Stefan also adds an Aero Utility Tray with Arm which can be used to hold his camera or a speaker.  
See Stefan’s full tethered shooting setup shopping list above, and purchase by clicking the product name or visiting TetherTools.com.