Step and Repeat Photography with Darkroom Core Software and Tether Tools

Posted by: on May 23, 2016

Step and Repeat Photography with Darkroom Core Software and Tether Tools
Tether “T” Setup from Tether Tools with Darkroom Core Software
  Big or small, Step and Repeat Events can often be “once in a lifetime” opportunities. As the photographer you want to get it right. From shoot to print, your workflow should be fast and efficient. Your tethered camera and computer workstation needs to look professional while at the same time it should be functional and rock solid.
Workflow – Software is the key
For a step and repeat event the photographer should be focused on the subjects and getting a great picture, not fussing with software or equipment. The industry standard for event photography software workflow for over 15 years, Darkroom Software will make your workflow seamless so you can concentrate on your photography. Once you take the picture with your tethered camera, Darkroom will immediately give you a preview on screen to make sure you got a great shot. Then with 1 button, Darkroom software will take it the rest of the way. This could be as simple as uploading the photo to Facebook, or a complex multi-step process. For example, you can set up Darkroom ahead of time to drop out a greenscreen background, add a custom border, send a print package that includes multiple prints and email the photo to the customer or post to social media. Or set up an auto print workflow and Darkroom software will process your photos and produce prints in the background as you shoot. The possibilities are endless. While there are other programs that are great for editing and enhancing photos, Darkroom is all about workflow – shooting and processing hundreds or thousands of photos in a short amount of time Darkroom software will save you time, money and enable you to execute large profitable events. Easy to use, scalable to any size event, e-commerce friendly and compatibility with leading digital cameras and printers are other reasons to rely on Darkroom software.
Workstation – Rock solid and professional
While Darkroom is managing your workflow, create a professional looking set up while protecting your equipment with a rock solid system. With Tether Tools you can create a unique solution that is functional, solid and professional looking. Ideal for step and repeat shoots, the Tether “T” Setup combines two of Tether Tools most popular pieces of gear to create a solution that enables photographers to allow for adjustments to their camera without the need to raise or lower their computer. The Tether “T” setup mounts to a tripod’s 3/8” screw and allows your workstation to remain at a constant height with the option of independent vertical height adjustment for your camera, providing the ultimate flexibility while shooting tethered to your computer. Mount the Tether “T” setup to a lightstand or c-stand using Tether Tools Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter as needed. The Tether “T” Setup features:
  • Tether Tools Rock Solid Cross Bar + Tether Tools Rock Solid Cross Bar Side Arm
  • Side Arm Mounted on One End Point of Cross Bar
  • Side Arm has 3/8″ Tripod Male Thread on Each End
  • Side Arm Pole Can Be Moved Up and Down
The Tether “T” setup is quick and easy to use and only takes a couple of minutes to setup, stores compactly, and fits nicely into the custom designed storage bag for transport. It’s time to take your setup to the next level! On your next step and repeat shoot, make your workflow as quick and efficient as possible with Darkroom Core Software and the Tether “T” setup from Tether Tools! To learn more, visit and