Solutions for a More Productive Workspace

Posted by: on Apr 12, 2013

Solutions for a More Productive Workspace

If you have an area where you work – regardless of it being at an office or home, it is  important to keep your surroundings as clean and organized as possible. But what do you do when:

  • you have cords everywhere?
  • multiple monitors?
  • multiple devices?

Take control of your workspace with a some of these options. And remember, this is just a scratch at the surface. The possibilities are endless!

Get Your Cables Organized

There is nothing worse than having your cords and cables tangled or even worse, on the floor, stepped on, and damaged. Take advantage of some inexpensive tools that can prevent these issues. If you haven’t heard of the Hook & Loop cable ties, check them out. These handy little ties secure your cables right where you need them. Whether you are in need of cables to attach to a leg on a table or just keep them together, these ties the perfect answer!

Hook & Loop Cable Tie

Keep Your Cables off the Floor

All those cords at your desk, just hanging, plugged into the wall or power strip. You move your feet and immediately unplug something because the cord was caught on your shoe. NO MORE! We recommend JerkStoppers as the answer to so many of these problems. The 3 Pack Fixed Mount JerkStoppers actually mount and velcro to the underside of your table, keeping your cables out of the way, safe and under control.

Tether Tools JerkStopper Fixed Mount 3 Pack

Make Your Tablet Easily Accessible

Do you take your Apple iPad or tablet everywhere you go? Yeah, you’re not alone. But once you get back to your desk, do you set it down and always have to lean in to see the screen? Or maybe you have a flip cover that allows you to tilt it upright but it’s always getting knocked over? Try out the Wallee Pivot and Case. Together these products get your tablet off of the table and upright, like a computer screen.