So You Got a GoPro or Action Camera – Now What?

Posted by: on Jan 19, 2016

So You Got a GoPro or Action Camera – Now What?
You’ve decided to finally make the plunge and are now the owner of a GoPro or Action Camera! You may be asking yourself, now what? if you’re new to owning a GoPro or yours is just collecting dust, you may be stumped or simply curious, just what the heck you can do with it. The new RapidMount Q20 presents an incredible opportunity for photographers to capture so many special and candid moments during a wedding or event. As a photographer you’re always looking for new, interesting options to offer your clients. The Q20 provides several options for photographers looking to increase their revenue by offering new choices in their packages. Here are a few uses we’d recommend with the RapidMount Q20:
  • Mount a GoPro or iPhone to capture a time-lapse video of an event
  • Mount a GoPro or use the Q20 as a microphone stand as a stand near head table or podium to capture and record toasts and speeches
  • Mount a GoPro or microphone near the altar or stage to catch a close up, unobstructed view of the proceedings
  • Mount a small camera or GoPro to capture the couple’s pre-ceremony first look meet up
Here’s an example of a cool time-lapse that photographer Jay Kossman captured with a GoPro HERO4 and RapidMount Q20 highlighting a yoga class! Namaste.
Behind-the-Scenes Video Of Your Next Shoot
How about creating a cool a behind-the-scenes video on set without a bunch of hassle? Attach an action camera or GoPro to the RapidMount Q20 and mount it in the back of the room, and film the day’s shoot. You can also make a slick first-person shooter video using a couple pieces of gear from Tether Tools, as shown below by professional photographer Clay Cook. Whichever method you choose, you’ll have a great value-add video that your clients (and their marketing team) will love!
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