My Sony Camera works with Sony Imaging Edge, but does not appear in Smart Shooter 4 on Windows 10.

Posted by: on Mar 30, 2021

By default, the Sony Imaging Edge software utilizes a customer driver that is not compatible with other software.  In order for the camera to be used with other software, you will need to change the driver that Windows is using with the camera connection.  To do this, please follow these steps. 

  1. Connect the camera via cable and then power on the camera
  2. Open the Windows Device Manager (use Windows search option)
  3.  Turn down libusbK Usb Devices category.  The camera will be listed as Sony Remote Control Camera.
  4. Right click on Sony Remote Control Camera and select Update Driver.
  5.  In the new window select Browse my computer for drivers.
  6.  In the next screen, select Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer.
  7.  In the next screen, select the MTP USB Device option and select Next.
  8. Once the update has completed, you can close the window.  You should also hear a chime indicating Windows has recognized a new connected device.
  9. The camera will be listed under Portable Devices.  At this point, Smart Shooter 4 will be able to connect to the camera

Please Note: switching to the MTP driver will make the Camera inaccessible in the Sony Imaging Edge Software, so the process will need to be reversed for the camera to again be available in the Imaging Edge software.