How do you apply a RapidMount SLX?

Posted by: on Jul 31, 2018

Before mounting ensure surface is free of oils and dirt. Gently clean mounting surface with rubbing alcohol and cloth. Let dry. Do not use household cleaners. Be sure to follow compatible surface mounting guidelines listed in the FAQs for best results.

Loosen drawstring on SLX. Peel backing off RapidStrip (RS). Attach RS to back of SLX. Peel backing off other side of RS. Press device, with RS, firmly against mounting surface for 30 seconds. Let cure 3 minutes. Press device against wall again to ensure RS adhesive is firmly attached to the surface before mounting speedlight in holder. Place speedlight in cradle, angle light as needed and tighten drawstring to secure around joint of speedlight. SLX will accommodate an attachable trigger (transmitter) under cradle or hanging from SLX arm. Modifiers can be added to speedlights. Be sure to maintain less than 1.5lbs of gear in holder.