Shooting Tethered with the LUMIX GH5 – Firmware 2.0 Update

Posted by: on Sep 29, 2017

Shooting Tethered with the LUMIX GH5 – Firmware 2.0 Update
Panasonic has officially released an update that allows the LUMIX GH5 to shoot tethered. Connect your GH5 to a laptop or computer using a TetherPro USB-C cable (coming soon) and fire up your Lumix Tether software, the GH5 now has native tethering! For a full look at this rollout, check out this video from Tether Tools Pro Nick Pappagallo. Free of charge, the software will allow control over essentially all of the camera’s functions, remote trigger the camera, and you can even use watched folders to incorporate Lightroom and Capture One if you want to tether into those programs. If you own a GH5, head over to Panasonic’s support website and download the firmware update for FREE. Then, download Lumix Tether software (also FREE). In addition to native tethering in the GH5 the upgraded firmware features these upgrades and boosts:
  • 400Mbps All-I compression options in 4K (200Mbps in 1080)
  • Higher resolution 4:3 video capture for shooting with anamorphic lenses
  • Hybrid Log Gamma shooting mode (HDR TV-ready Log shooting)
  • More responsive autofocus, especially in 24p video shooting
  • Additional Stabilization mode steadier hand-held video
  • Improvements to 6K and 4K Photo modes
We’re very excited with this brand-new release, and while this tethered shooting update is currently only available for the Panasonic LUMIX GH5 we hope to see future firmware updates soon for other Panasonic cameras.