Shooting Tethered for Fine Art Photography

Posted by: on Dec 10, 2018

Shooting Tethered for Fine Art Photography
For fine art photographers, tethering can open a world of creative possibilities by enhancing the collaboration of you and others on set and improve your workflow by instantly transferring images to your computer and allowing you to see your shot on a much larger screen than your camera’s small LCD. Tether Tools recently went behind-the-scenes with California-based fine art photographer Monica Royal in the studio as she shot macro images of smoke. Read Monica’s Photographer Spotlight interview here. “Shooting tethered changed the way I shoot,” says Monica. “More streamlined, much more natural because you can see exactly that you got the shot without having to put the card into the computer to view the images.” Benefits of Shooting Tethered
  • Use Live View to trip the shutter from your tethering software
  • Ensure you have the shot by viewing your image on a larger screen
  • Instantly transfers images to Adobe Lightroom or Capture One Pro
Tethering Gear Used