Setting the Download Location for Case Air on Windows

Posted by: on Nov 08, 2016

Setting the Download Location for Case Air on Windows
When you have the Auto Download setting turned on or you manually choose to download an image in the Case Remote app, you may be wondering where the file is stored on your computer. On Windows, you can quickly find and change this location by following these steps (for Mac, read this article):
  1. Click on the Settings Button. main_screen
  2. At the top of the Settings tab, you will see the image save path. Click Select to change the path.settings_tab
  3. When the browse files dialog opens, select the path where you would like to have images saved. Please note that Case Remote will create a sub-directory in which the folder you select. That folder will be named after the camera you are using.browse
Using these settings, you can separate your Case Air photos by session, date or what ever naming convention you need to use. This is of vital importance for finding the location if you are setting up Auto Import folders in Lightroom or Capture One.