Promoting Passion Convention

Posted by: on Apr 03, 2017

Promoting Passion Convention
Promoting passion, inspiration, and connection.
  • Hands on workshops & inspiring lectures
  • Some of the biggest creative world changers
  • A safe haven of community
  • A place to be strange and love it
  • Kick-start your hobby into a passion & career
  • Learn to create through your personal vision
Register for Event The power of one individual to change others through their passion is undeniable and extraordinary. The Promoting Passion Convention brings together individuals who want to, can, and will make a difference with their passion. If you are an artist looking to expand your craft, someone seeking greater perspective, skills, or personal fulfillment, or if you are someone who wants more community…this event was created for you. A series of hands-on workshops, lectures, creative free time, and panel discussions. The maximum number of attendees is 190 to keep the event intimate. Connection is huge for me, and I strive to make as many partners-in-crime as possible at the convention. More details and schedule »   register-button-blue