Pro Wireless Tethering Kit

Posted by: on Nov 14, 2013

Pro Wireless Tethering Kit

wtpk-tether-tools-wireless-pro-tether-kit-camranger-studio-proper-wallee-case-ipad-mighty-mount-connect-bracket-01-webWant to set up for wireless tethering but not sure what you need? No problem! Tether Tools has assembled the perfect package for anyone interested in shooting wireless. Get the professional setup: CamRanger system, a DSLR mount for the device, a Power Bank battery pack, iPad/Tablet Case of your choice + the most versatile mount for securing an iPad or Tablet to your photography gear.

What’s Included:

CamRanger & Mighty Mount


CamRanger is a non-proprietary wireless tethering system that is compatible with most Canon/Nikon cameras (See compatibility and features). By wirelessly transmitting images via software to a tablet or computer, it provides nearly instant visibility of images, camera control functions and more. 

cr-tether-tools-camranger-wireless-tethering-rock-solid-mount-04-webThe Mighty Mount is a small adhesive 1/4″-20 female mount that can be placed on any device. Paired with the 1/4”-20 thread shoe mount included, the pair enables mounting of the CamRanger to any hot or cold shoe.

Rock Solid External Power Bank:

rs7889-tether-tools-rock-solid-external-power-bank-camranger-ipad-iphone-tablet-webThis Power Bank has enough power to charge the CamRanger, any iPad, tablet, phone,  or small USB compatible devices. Dual output ports provide an option to power 2 devices at the same time and the 8 included adapter tips fit almost every small device on the market today.  Total capacity is 5000mAh with a rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that can be cycled more than 1,000 times.

Wallee Case + Connect Bracket for iPad/Tablet Mounting:

rsdk-tether-tools-rock-solid-pro-drum-kit-ipad-galaxy-wallee-connect-hollywood-superflex-arm-rock-solid-proclamp-01-webWhen tethering wirelessly to a tablet, you will need a way to mount your tablet. The Connect Bracket offers unlimited options for mounting iPads and Galaxy Tablets.  The Connect Bracket locks into the Wallee Case’s receptor-X  and allows you to mount the tablet to any 1/4″-20 tripod head, 3/8″ tripod mount, 5/8″ Pin for light stands/clamps and integrates with all Arca-style mounting systems as well.

The Studio Proper Wallee cases are offered for all generations of iPad, as well as the Samsung Galaxy 10.1. Available in black, white or clear, the Wallee case features the patented “X” mounting receptor for the Connect Bracket and many other stands and mounts.

What’s in the box?

(1) CamRanger Wireless Tethering System
(1) Mighty Mount Adhesive
(1) 1/4”-20 Thread Shoe Mount
(1) Rock Solid External Power Bank
(1) Studio Proper Wallee Case (choice of case version & color)
(1) Tether Tools Connect Bracket for Wallee System

Recommended Accessories:

Looking for other accessories that work perfectly with the kit? Check out CamRanger Spare Battery, Connect Lite Bracket, Pivot Stand and Handstrap.