Photographing Kids with the Look Lock

Posted by: on Jul 03, 2013

Photographing Kids with the Look Lock

This article was written by Professional Photographer and Educator Erin Manning.

Photo by ©Erin Manning

Kids are a lot of fun to photograph because they have seemingly limitless expressions, emotions and energy. It’s not always that easy to capture their attention, though. That’s where the Tether Tools Look Lock comes in handy.


I love to shoot pictures of kids at the beach. It’s so much fun to run around and take photos near the water and in the sand. The only problem I encounter is the added distraction of the great outdoors. It can be a challenging, but rewarding, endeavor to follow a child’s every move and capture authentic expressions. Sometimes a few real moments directed into the camera are what’s needed. If you’ve photographed young children outdoors, you already know it can be a difficult task. Using the Look Lock with your smartphone and playing an entertaining mobile app or video helps gain a child’s attention regardless of the environment. It’s a very handy tool.

If you find yourself shooting outdoors from a distance, it may be difficult for your subjects to see the screen on your smartphone. That’s a good time to move in and capture close-up shots or perhaps to stop showing content and start capturing video instead.

Wherever you are with the Look Lock, you can count on an instant entertainment center located very near your camera lens that’s sure to capture the attention of your most active subjects.

erin-manning-quick-tipTIP: When capturing photographs, the Look Lock enables your smartphone to double as an entertainment screen or as a camera to capture video.


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