Photographers Review the Headshot Crew

Posted by: on Sep 05, 2017

Photographers Review the Headshot Crew
Headshots and profile pictures are one of the highest requested types of photography – and for good reason. A professional headshot can set your online presence apart from the pack, and that offers an incredible opportunity for photographers to earn revenue by offering headshots. Whether you’re new to headshots or an experienced photographer, the Headshot Crew can help you take your headshot photography to the next level. The good folks at the Headshot Crew are some of the most supportive, positive and honest group of likeminded photographers you will find. Being a solo-entrepreneur, you need advice and want a group of people around with your best interest at heart. We asked photographers what they thought about the support, education, and community of the Headshot Crew, below are their unedited and overall amazingly positive responses.
Photo Courtesy of Tether Tools Pro Maurice Jager

What is your favorite part about the Headshot Crew?

“The community! Everyone who is a part of the crew is so helpful and willing to share advice. We believe there is always enough to go around. I particularly love the Open Mic show we do every Thursday which allows anyone to jump on live and ask a question about any sticking point that they are having. It’s a wonderful valuable resource for beginners, hobbyists, amateurs and seasoned pros alike. I have made lifelong friends in the Headshot Crew and am eternally grateful for it all.” – Karaminder Ghuman, “The fact that I can reach out to any member, at any time, around the world and know that they have my back. Everyone helps each other out at all times and in the end the skills we learn on there up our game!” – Elaine Zelker, “Being part of a caring community of people who are all working to create great headshots for their clients and build their businesses.” – Gus Zimmerman, “The most advantageous part is learning a base of tools that can be employed in directing a lot of portrait subjects.  That and being connected to a network of other photographers with similar training and the mastery of a particular headshot style.” – Kent Meister, “My favorite part about the Headshot Crew is the support from the other photographers. It is a true community.” – Andy Foster,  

Would you recommend the Headshot Crew to a fellow photographer?

“Absolutely! The Crew is about more than just headshots. The techniques are applicable to all forms of portraiture.  Plus, the added bonus is in the bonds and relationships that are formed.” – Richard Waine, “Absolutely. If it weren’t for the headshot crew…I would not have the successful photography business I have today.” – Mike Sansone, “I would recommend the Headshot Crew to all photographers that shoot humans, be it portrait work or headshots.” – Alaina Lutkitz, “If that photographer has any interest in shooting a human being, you best believe I absolutely recommend the Headshot Crew to them! It’s so much more than just headshots! Every aspect of interacting and directing your client, from initial contact all the way through to the end of a session. There’s just a ton of info for any and all.” – Karaminder Ghuman,  
Photo Courtesy of Richard Waine

Do you shoot tethered? If so, how do you find it helps your workflow, coaching, business, etc.?

“Yes! The day that I challenged Not shooting tethered was a hard lesson… it is so invaluable and lets your client become part of the process!! You can shoot, share and educate along the way… small amounts of collaboration can go a long way but you are still ultimately guiding the process!” – Shea Swinford, “All of my headshots and commercial sessions are tethered. It saves me loads of time in transferring files alone. My makeup team watches my monitor the entire time we are working and make adjustments as needed. When I am shooting a commercial job, my clients can see what we are creating which they find helpful and exciting.” – Ben Marcum, “Yes. I’ll note that I did not shoot tethered until a few weeks after joining the Headshot Crew and only began because I was being urged by other members to give it a go. I was very hesitant at first and it was a bit of a learning curve to share the work with my clients as we went, but now I never shoot without it (unless I’m on the go… which I rarely do). The reviewing process and ability to enlarge and view as a group is detrimental to my industry, my sessions are very collaborative and shooting tethered is the key factor to make that happen. Directing is one thousand times easier when you can show by example. It ensures my client and I are always on the same page and gives a good base for where we are, where we need to go. When we nail a shot, the celebration together drives us both into creating even better shots. Tethering is a must for me.” – Ryan Parker, “I’ve been shooting tethered for 4 years now and I can’t shoot without it. To be able to see the images big, make instant adjustments in my capture software and most of all, show my clients the work so that they’re able to correct any issues is amazing. It’s definitely one of my biggest coaching tools. It also saves me time having to batch import from a card and, my favorite part, being able to apply a preset to all the images coming in, so they’re already cropped and color corrected.” – Pedro Jorge, “Yes, and it’s EVERYTHING! Shooting tethered is my #1 coaching tool.” – Tommy Collier, “Yes, I’m using it for every headshot session. And some on-location portrait shoots. It’s invaluable in coaching the client, and speeds up the workflow. It also helps me quality control my work, as I see the images on a large screen and can quickly fix anything that’s out of order (technical stuff, hairs, makeup etc).” – Kristoffer Sandven,  

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