Photographer Spotlight: Gilmar Smith

Posted by: on Oct 21, 2018

Photographer Spotlight: Gilmar Smith
Bio: Gilmar Smith is a self-described photographer, writer, Photoshop addict, content creator, and social media junkie based in Orlando, Florida. Follow her on Instagram @gilmarsmith and online at

I would describe my photography as….

I would like to say Joyful. I love bright colors and making people laugh. If I can get a little smile out of anybody when they look at my work, then my job here is done!

What was your first camera, and how’d you get started in photography?

My first camera was a Canon 5D Mark II, and it’s still the camera I shoot with. When I first got it, I did not know anything about photography, so I started researching online and found what was at the time Kelbyone Training and signed up for it. I started learning the settings on my camera, but I was hooked when I started playing in Photoshop.

Why did you want to become a photographer?

I’m a photographer by accident. It wasn’t something I planned, I just wanted to take pictures of my son, and to have a creative outlet but I got obsessed fast and couldn’t put my camera down.  I started experimenting with different photography genres, my first big gig was with a Motorsport team, I got to travel with them and met so many amazing people, but as much as I love fast cars, photographing people is what I really love.

What image are you most proud of from your photography portfolio?

I think as artists we all have a strange attachment to the things we create. Each one of my pictures has a different meaning to me, but there are two that I really love, not for the technical part of them but for what they mean to me. First is a composite I created with the help of my son. I wanted to create an image that would describe who he was at that very moment. He helped me to put it together, and I know that image we will treasure for years to come. The other one is a self-portrait I did inspired by one of my favorite artists, Frida Kahlo that end up being my first Magazine cover.

My dream gig would be…

Meaningful art especially if it involves children. There’s something magical about working with kids. I love listening to their ideas and bringing them to life. There’s something magical about the way kids express their ideas so freely. We lose that as we grow up, I always reconnect with my inner child when I work with kids.

My favorite piece of gear is…

My loyal and faithful Canon 5D Mark II.

Do you shoot tethered?

Yes, I do. My fiancé and I used to make our Christmas wishlist on Pinterest and share it with each other. A couple of years ago, I pretty much added the Tether Tools Pro Tethering Kit like 20 times to my board and guess what I got for Christmas!
Pro Tethering Kit

My favorite piece of Tether Tools gear…

As a very clumsy person, I’d definitely have to say the JerkStopper Camera Support and the Tether Tools SecureStrap; they have saved my life a few times.

What’s on your photography gear shopping list?

I think it would be easier to answer what is not in my photography gear shopping list. First of all, I want to update my camera, so a Canon 5D Mark IV is on top of the list.

The best advice I can offer a fellow photographer would be…

Experiment and play. Push those sliders, try new things until you find your style.