Photographer Spotlight: Evelyn Murphy

Posted by: on Oct 27, 2014

Photographer Spotlight: Evelyn Murphy

Evelyn Murphy is a fashion and portrait photographer based in Texas but working both nationally and internationally. She likes to think of her photography as portraiture with a fashion twist, giving something unique rather than a standard portrait to her client. Evelyn won the 2013 RAW Artist Photographer of the Year award and has been published Jute and Gothesque Magazine.

Photo by ©Evelyn Murphy.
Photo by ©Evelyn Murphy.

My first cameras was… 
A Polaroid instant land camera (yep, dating myself there!) From there I progressed to 110 and then finally a 35mm in college.

My start in fashion/beauty/portrait photography began… 
Because I always loved fashion photography. I had no idea how these images were produced so I started taking lighting classes and also going to workshops. I was hooked after my first model shoot at a workshop and have gone on from there. I am always looking at images and learning how they are made and how I can utilize the techniques in my own work.

My photography career today is… 
Working as a part-time professional.

Photo by ©Evelyn Murphy.
Photo by ©Evelyn Murphy.

I wanted to become a photographer because… 
This is what I truly love to do, even though it took me a long time to realize. I still work in the corporate world full time, but hope to break away soon!

My favorite project was…
My first full fashion editorial that was published last year. We shot at an abandoned house with two different models. It was great fun!

Photo by ©Evelyn Murphy.
Photo by ©Evelyn Murphy.

My style of photography is… 
A mixture of modern and classical. I love fashion shots from the 1940s onward.

Some of my industry role models are… 
Probably George Hurrell, Richard Avedon, Herb Ritts and Harry Langdon.

I really knew this is what I wanted to do… 
Just recently really. It took me a long time to really find my passion.

My dream gig would be… 
To shoot a couture editorial in Paris.

Photo by ©Evelyn Murphy.
Photo by ©Evelyn Murphy.

The one thing I wish I knew before entering the industry is… 
I love fashion. It does have a darker side to it, but this has not deterred me at all.

My favorite piece of gear… 
I love my 100mm macro lens! My other gear that I currently use is the Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 100mm f2.8L Macro, Sigma 85 mm 1.4 and Canon 70-200mm f4 L.

Photo courtesy of ©Evelyn Murphy.
Photo courtesy of ©Evelyn Murphy.

I choose to tether during my photography shoots because… 
I like to use it in the studio so I can see what is happening and make on-the-spot adjustments. I recently switched over to Capture One for the tether and love it!

The best advice I can offer to anyone interested in fashion/beauty/portrait photography is… 
Study light, how it works and what modifiers produce certain results. You want to learn things that will allow you to do commercial work and also allow you to develop your own style.

About Evelyn

murphy-evelyn-headshotEvelyn Murphy is a professional fashion/beauty and portrait photographer based in Dallas, Texas. Her editorial work has appeared in numerous publications globally such as Atlas Magazine, Gothesque Magazine, Editorial, Vedere, Photoshop User, Kirameki, Jute, Fuss and Lucy’s Magazine. Her style is a combination of classic and modern, mixing a variety of elements to create unique images and her fashion and commercial work for several clients includes look books and jewelry lines.
Evelyn is always striving to excel in her field and devotes a lot of time to learning new techniques to perfect her craft.
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