Photographer Spotlight: Brooke Mason

Posted by: on Jun 26, 2017

Photographer Spotlight: Brooke Mason
Bio:  Australian-born photographer Brooke Mason has been capturing images for the fashion and entertainment worlds for over 15 years. Originally based in New York City, and now living on the West Coast, her work has been featured on the covers and editorial pages of fashion and lifestyle magazines worldwide.

A former international model herself, Mason is well-versed in contemporary media standards of art, aesthetics and beauty. She strives to be authentic and fearless in her art. Pushing boundaries and peoples perceptions. “People see what they want to see in my work, its up to interpretation, thats essentially what art should do. Any reaction is a good one for me.”

Website: Instagram: @brookemasonphoto

I would describe my style of photography as…
Having a sense of cheekiness, in an Aussie way of course. I like to incorporate humor in my work even if it’s subtle, perhaps only I think it’s funny and that’s good enough. It might also be described as full of life, whether through color or personality, maybe that’s my personality shining through. They say as an artist there’s a part of you in all your work.
What’s your most memorable shot or shoot, be it challenging to capture or interesting subject?
I have a terrific bad memory, terrific because I enjoy the forgetting, able to create something new each time. I don’t like to have a sense that I’ve been here before or I’ve done this before. How wonderful to have a bad memory! But, if I was to scour my memory banks for the most recent challenge, it was a cover shoot for Modern Luxury with 24 (non-model) individuals in one frame. I had two hours total to curate, furnish the scene, art direct, direct the people, and capture the shot. I’d say I lost a few lbs that morning.
What image are you most proud of from your photography portfolio?
I’m a true artist and I never feel satiated. I believe that’s what keeps me striving to always do better and to have so much drive. If I had to say what makes me feel the most excited, it would be winning awards for my fine art photography. For me, this is the biggest accomplishment because my fine art photography is deeper than just an image and the creation of it. My fine art is my expression of sociological issues and viewpoints.
My dream gig would be…
Commercially I get some pretty awesome projects to do, as a fine art photographer I would adore having my work in a museum. My favorite piece of gear is… Well it always changes and usually it’s the newest gadget I’ve just gotten. Right now, I’m obsessed with my Canon 85mm L Series Lens.
My favorite piece of Tether Tools gear is…
I can’t live without my orange TetherPro USB cable and a close second would be Aero Master Tether Table for my laptop while shooting.
What’s on your photography gear shopping list?
There’s really not enough space on this page for my real list… isn’t it endless when you’re a greedy creative?! But honestly, I’d love to add to my lighting collection with a kick ass extra-large beauty dish for all my beautiful clients and someday I might bite the bullet and buy a medium format camera.
The best advice I can offer a fellow photographer would be…
As cliché as it sounds… ONLY do what you love, only photograph things that excite you (be honest with yourself, don’t just go for fashion because of the “cool” factor) otherwise you’ll burn out too fast and loose your mojo. Find that special niche and stick to it. Also, just don’t give up even if you take on other jobs to help pay for all this crazy expensive gear.
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