Phoenix: Photographing the Human Form

Posted by: on Apr 11, 2016

Phoenix: Photographing the Human Form

Nude PhotographyTopic: Photographing the Human Form

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MiguelheadshotAbout the speaker: Miguel Salhuana

I began my photographic journey at the age of 10 when my dad let me use his 110 camera. I was intrigued with the concept of a little box being able to capture an image. When I turned 13 my dad bought himself a 35mm SLR which in the span of a year ended up being mine. I fell in love with photography so much that after my first summer job, at the age of 15, I took all the money I had earnt and bought a Nikon FA system instead of buying a car. During my high school years I added a motor drive and some lenses to my collection. I gained experience doing sports photography, portraits, the marching band and of course cheerleaders. My fine art journey began in 2002 when I took a Studio Photography class taught by Roger Palmenberg. I fell in love with the beauty and mystery of the human form. The interplay of shadow and light on the human body is poetry. In order to delve deeper into this interplay I started using an 8×10 large format camera. The large format system dictates a certain pace and attention to detail that lends itself to the fine art genre. I shoot with 35mm film, medium format film, large format film and digital SLR. My first photograph is not as important as my last. I continue to strive to make the next photograph the best I have ever done.

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