New iPad Mounting Solution for Consumers

Posted by: on Apr 03, 2012

New iPad Mounting Solution for Consumers
Tether Tools Wallee Connect Lite

The new Tether Tools Wallee Connect Lite for consumers is a convenient solution for mounting your Apple iPad just about anywhere. Part of the Wallee iPad Modular System, the Wallee Connect Lite is a slimmed-down version of the Tether Tools Wallee Connect Bracket.

Adding an iPad to your set-up offers limitless possibilities to enhance your creative projects. The Connect Lite’s Wallee Locking X and ¼”-20 dual threads offer hundreds of configurations for mounting your tablet. Connect it to any compatible tripod, arm or suction cup for mid-shoot use. Or mount it to an EasyGrip and you can easily attach your iPad to just about any flat or round object or surface.

Connect Lite with the EasyGrip

Connect Lite is very lightweight at less than 6 ounces and is designed to be used with the Wallee iPad 1 or iPad 2 cases, sold separately. (New iPad 3 cases will be available this spring.)

Attaching your case to the Wallee Connect Lite is simple thanks to the device’s Easy Rotation Handle. Once locked into position, just unscrew the Easy Rotation Handle to reveal the additional ¼”-20 receptor that you can use for accessories.

Connect Lite

Use the Connect Lite mounting system to:

  • See your DSLR photographs on a larger screen while shooting
  • Remote control your camera from the iPad, either nearby or during remote shooting sessions
  • Easily view and edit images and animations
  • Turn your iPad into a convenient and easy-to-view teleprompter
  • Minimize shake and blurry results while taking photos with your Apple iPad
  • Comfortably check email, watch media, play games or enjoy any of your other iPad apps