Mounting Monitors in Video Village

Posted by: on Apr 12, 2016

Mounting Monitors in Video Village

As every videographer knows, a video village is a necessary part of any film set. Without it, your director, crew, and the eyes behind the production are blind to the frame of the film.

Improvements in video cinematography technology have created the ideal solution to seeing what the camera sees in real-time without hovering over your camera operator — video monitors.

Observing your shoot through a video monitor gives you an instant view of what the camera is seeing. You can keep tabs on whether the shot is really in focus, if the camera is actually rolling and if the image on screen is the image you discussed and had in mind. Plus, it can also speed up shoots that operate with multiple cameras.

Mounting small to large monitors, iMacs or Cinema Displays has never been easier with the help of Tether Tools Vu Monitor Brackets. The Studio Vu mounts directly on any 5/8” (16mm) Baby Junior pin so it’s easy to use with any existing roller stand, c-stand, arm or clamp allowing for easy integration into any setup. Use a roller stand to reposition monitors as shooting angles and conditions change. The Studio Vu features dual 5/8” mounting receptors for easy rotation of the monitor from landscape to portrait depending on current needs.

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