Mount iPad Pro for Tethered Shooting

Posted by: on Sep 14, 2015

Mount iPad Pro for Tethered Shooting
Photo courtesy of Apple

Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, broke our hearts during the recent reveal of the iPad Pro. Unfortunately, Apple has decided to not include a USB port in their tablet so you won’t be able to shoot tethered with a cable into the new iPad Pro.

Hold back those tears! While you still can’t shoot tethered with a cable into an iPad, using several different tools such as the CamRanger, Capture One Pilot, or Lightroom Mobile, photographers will be a able to add an iPad, including the upcoming iPad Pro to their tethered workflow.

The iPad Pro is going to be huge, literally. The tablet features a giant 12.9-inch display with 2,732 x 2,048 pixels. To put that into perspective, the iPad Pro’s screen is 78 percent bigger than the iPad Air 2, the same width as the iPad Air is tall, so big the on-screen keyboard is full-sized.

The new tablet from Apple features a revamped Multi-Touch subsystem and 5.6 million brilliant pixels, making it the highest-resolution display of any Apple device. That extreme resolution, along with vibrant lifelike colors and deeper blacks make photo editing more vivid and engaging.

Mounting the iPad Pro is made easy with the AeroTab Universal Tablet System. The AeroTab L4 is designed for a tight fit on the corners of your tablet, and the tablet can be roated and mounted in portrait or landscape orientation. Once the tablet is placed in the diagonal extention, scratch proof padded corners keep the tablet in a tight fit.

The AeroTab bracket can be easily attached to a tripod, stand or arm of choice and lock down for a secure mount. Releasing in November 2015, we’re looking forward to seeing the iPad Pro in studios in the very near future.