Moshe Zusman: Shooting Tethered 101 Video

Posted by: on Jul 29, 2015

Moshe Zusman: Shooting Tethered 101 Video
Moshe Zusman
Photo courtesy of ©Moshe Zusman

A Tether Tools Ambassador, Moshe Zusman is no stranger to shooting tethered. “There is a certain intimidation clients feel when they enter a photography studio,” says Moshe. “Sometimes, it’s a little scary…with the gear and lights it can look like an operating room. Showing the images as they come up on the laptop is a great way to be more inclusive with the client and help them relax during the session.”

With nearly a decade of photography experience, Moshe Zusman has become one of the most sought after wedding photographers in the competitive Washington, DC market. His work has been profiled in national and industry media outlets, and has earned him accolades including the WeddingWire Brides Choice Award for five years in a row. 

With a unique, bold, confident style tailored to the event he is shooting, Moshe is recognized for innovative use of lighting and color with a distinctly modern edge. Join Moshe in this eye-opening class on the benefits of shooting tethered whether in the studio or on location!