JerkStopper for Digital Director

Posted by: on Jul 06, 2015

JerkStopper for Digital Director


Did you pick up a new Manfrotto Digital Director? Since the Digital Director isn’t wireless, you may want to consider how you can both keep the cables plugged in while simultaneously protecting the usb and power ports. To help with this, Tether Tools has created a new JerkStopper: The JerkStopper for Digital Director.

The JerkStopper Digital Director

Using any of the four cold shoe mounting points on the Digital Director case, the JerkStopper for Digital Director securely attaches and can hold both the USB cable and the AC power cable securely in place.



The JerkStopper for Digital Director really shines when you use the Digital Director with batteries and a long tether cable. Now you can move around while holding your iPad without worry that you’ll pull the USB cable out of the back.

The JerkStopper Digital Director Tethering Kit

Since the other end of the Digital Director will be connected to your camera, it only make sense to protect that port and cable as well. So we’ve bundled the JerkStopper for Digital Director with our very popular JerkStopper Camera Support to create the JerkStopper Digital Director Tethering Kit (pictured at the top of this post).

TetherPro Mini-B 5 Pin USB 2.0 Cable

Lastly, if you want to be more than 3′ (1 meter) from your camera while shooting with the Digital Director, you may want to pick up a 15′ (4.6m) TetherPro cable. Not only will this give you some room to move around or mount your camera in interesting positions, but you’ll get the added benefit of a quality tethering cable.