Improve Your Mobile Tethered Workflow

Posted by: on Mar 27, 2023

Improve Your Mobile Tethered Workflow

The need for a reliable and efficient mobile workflow for photographers is growing rapidly. Whether you are a food or commercial photographer constantly on-the-go collaborating with different clients, a location photographer looking for a mobile set-up, or are a studio photographer simply looking for a more streamlined set up for your studio-look no further.

With Tether Tools Mobile Tethering Kit and Capture One for iPad, photographers now have the ability to tether directly into an iPad, and can experience the freedom of starting your workflow from anywhere.

Easy & Condensed Set Up for Business Headshots

Make collaboration easier and increase client confidence during a photo shoot by showing images as they are being captured. Headshot Photographer Yaneck Wasio put the CaptureOne for iPad and Tether Tools Mobile Tethering Kit to the test in a recent business headshot photoshoot.

Check out the video below to see how the new mobile set up enhanced his photography workflow:

Yaneck Wasio CaptureOne for iPad Video Reel

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Improve Your Studio Workflow

Fashion and Beauty Photographer Dariane Sanche recently added the Mobile Tethering Kit and CaptureOne for iPad to her photography workflow.

For this photoshoot, Dariane used her new mobile set up to shoot faster and show her client images on the fly. The low profile set up gave her more creative freedom without any compromise to her photography workflow. Her inspiration for the photoshoot was a photo-novel.

Photographer Dariane Sanche Behind the Scenes

“I wanted my images to look like they were taken from a movie in which we can follow a story, the evolution of a character and capture emotions,” Dariane said.

Shooting tethered connected to CaptureOne for iPad allowed Dariane to be more flexible and mobile throughout her studio during the shoot.

“I can easily move around my set, shoot around my model, and even go outside without any complexity to carry my equipment,” Dariane said.

In addition to an easier and smaller set up, Dariane’s team and model now have the advantage of having the iPad accessible as a screen which makes it much easier to collaborate with all participants during the shoot.

“CaptureOne for iPad is very complete and has all the necessary tools to make adjustments during the shoot and create exactly the mood I am looking for,” said Dariane.

Dariane wanted to keep a very raw effect so she focused only on modifications to her color processing, notably by modifying the curves, contrast, grain, and the “no color correction” tool in the Capture One software.

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Mobile Tethering for Landscape Photography

With CaptureOne for iPad and the Tether Tools Mobile Tethering Kit, photographer’s now have all the tools to quickly and efficiently work by instantly checking images in the moment on a bigger screen, ensuring sharpness and quality without any disappointments later.

Photographer Alessandro Galatoli recently took his new mobile set up on-location for a portrait and landscape photography shoot.

Behind the Scenes with Alessandro Galatoli


“I used the Tether Tools Mobile Tethering Kit while shooting tethered on Capture One for iPad and the results are amazing. I used it both with a cable and wirelessly, depending on the situation I am in – Fashion, Portraits, Landscape, in any kind of shooting it really has helped my performance,” Alessandro said.

With a travel-friendly set up, Alessandro is able to have an immediate large and partially edited preview in real time while photographing, which allows him to collaborate with his subjects more and take in feedback on the images to capture the perfect shot. 

Alessandro Behind the Scenes

“I mounted and connected my camera to the Mobile Tethering Kit in a couple of minutes saving hours of set up, editing, and selection after the shoot,” Alessandro said.

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Streamlined COP for iPad vs. Capture One Pro

With Capture One for iPad, you can import, tether, edit, and organize your images while on the go. Capture One for iPad includes a more streamlined set of features compared to Capture One Pro. For those used to working with Capture One Pro’s full version, you won’t be able to use sessions and a few other features are limited. Learn more here.

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