How I Got the Shot with Jordan Green – Fashion Photo Shoot for Dear Kate

Posted by: on Sep 06, 2017

How I Got the Shot with Jordan Green – Fashion Photo Shoot for Dear Kate
Bio:  Yorkshire born photographer and director Jordan Green is currently based in London. Often travelling further afield for work or to simply explore; Jordan enjoys documenting the things and the people he meets in their environments, as well as helping connect brands to their targeted audiences.  


The concept of the shoot was to provide the brand Dear Kate with e-commerce imagery for their webstore. They also wanted me to shoot relatable, fun and fresh new images for the campaign to be used all over their website, social medias and in print. I’ve worked closely with the clients before and she gives me quite a lot of creative freedom so it was completely shot in my style how I would shoot a test shoot for myself.

Setup and Lighting

For the e-commerce section of the shoot I used a very standard three light set up. Two lights illuminating the background and one key light up front lighting the model. Then I moved onto a slightly more mobile set up and used only one light either either bare on the Profoto or in an octobox. On the second day I shot a lot more in my style with only a speedlite and keeping moving and portable at all time. Speedlite was on axis.

Benefits of Shooting Tethered

Shooting tethered helps me get shots that are needed, it is so much easier to see the images bigger on the mac screen rather than back of camera screen. We can also make on-the-fly colour adjustments, so when client is on set they have a better idea of what they will be getting and can let me know as soon as we have the shot they wanted too. It makes the whole process a lot better for everyone on set.  


Thankfully the models had awesome skin and the makeup artist did a brilliant job of keeping it looking fresh for me, so not much skin retouching was needed at all. Only colour adjustments in Lightroom after the shoot and the export.

Logistics and Gear 

Day one was all studio based shooting the e-commerce on a backdrop and then some set up campaign imagery against different backgrounds. Then day two was on location in a house in northwest London, we used virtually every room in the place to shoot the campaign images.

Collaboration and Team 

  • Jess Banks – Producer
  • Ben Warburton – Assistant
  • Stuart Cameron – Assistant
  • Emma Regan – MUA
  • Christina, Stella, Poppy – Models
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