How I Got the Shot: Daniel Woods

Posted by: on May 07, 2019

How I Got the Shot: Daniel Woods
The below article is from Daniel Woods, a Las Vegas-based photography and video production company. Follow Daniel Woods online at and on Instagram @danielwoodsvisuals.


This was a workshop instructing students how to shoot underwater. Various models were used to expose students to different challenging factors.


I wanted a very soft ambient feel to the images, so I rigged a giant Fotodiox 12×12´ scrim over the pool to create super soft daylight. For our nightlight setup, we used 6 submersible ultra-bright LED continuous lights by FoxFury called the Nomad Production N56. The N56s were mounted on a mono pod with various clamps underwater. Then above the scrim we shined 2 additional FoxFury Nomad Production P56s through the scrim.


For first time underwater models there is a definite learning curve. Puffing out cheeks, keeping face relaxed, not blowing out bubbles or introducing fine bubbles into the water through splashing are all tendencies that need to be realized and corrected. Coaching the model through speaking is one thing, however, being able glance across to a large poolside monitor to get real-time feedback is invaluable. With the visual, instant feedback of tethering, models are able to smash that learning curve and get onto creating.


For underwater tweaking, the white balance is critical and I do this primarily in Adobe Lightroom. Additional re-touching is done in Photoshop to smooth out background, eliminate stray particulates in the water and distracting bubbles.


Tether Tools TetherPro USB 2.0 Cable (camera to laptop)
Tether Tools Tether Table Aero
Tether Tools TetherPro HDMI Cable (laptop to 46˝ monitor)

– Sony A7RII with Sony/ Zeiss 16-35 f4
– Sony A9 with Sony/Zeiss 16-35 G-Master 2.8

– Outex with pass through Data port
This was a workshop/ shoot. The economical cost of the Outex housing allowed me to have enough housings for the 3 workshop participants to all use their own cameras.

– PhotoDiox 12×12´ Sun Scrim
– FoxFury Nomad production N56 Battery powered LED Lights
– FoxFury Nomad production P56 Battery powered LED Lights


This was an amazing workshop, shoot, collaboration extravaganza!

Daniel Woods – Photographer, producer, instructor
Chris Giles of Foxfury co-produced the event with me and filmed behind the scenes and provided lights
Tracey Shelor with her partner Nicole Price headed up fashion design, styling and makeup.
Sony for sending us the Sony A9 and 16-35 G-master
Briana Scally, my amazing right hand woman/ assistant facilitated set build and digital tech
Sarah Woods – Underwater & BTS filming
Melissa Abedoi – Provided the location
Rozalyn Woods – Assisted with logistics
Kayla Kalisz – amazing experienced underwater model wowed the workshop participants
Mason Moody – Male model/ dancer, did not disappoint
Alesha Mermaid – Mermaid model, Enchanted us
Alyson Wolfe – Gorgeous model