How Clamps and Mounts Bring Efficiency to Your Workflow

Posted by: on Apr 29, 2021

How Clamps and Mounts Bring Efficiency to Your Workflow

Photographers all over the world have many pieces of gear that are essential to their unique setups. However, if you are a wedding, event, or even outdoor photographer, having the right camera angle and setup is key to secure that perfect shot. As such, you want to have the mobility or freedom when you’d like a specific orientation —be it portrait or landscape. Or you might have a pocket wizard on your hot shoe but need an additional cold shoe mount for another rig that you want to attach to your camera.  

Plus, if you’re having a photoshoot, say for example, at a wedding, you need to be mindful of having just the right lighting. Instead of having to carry all the big, bulky light stands, you want to have a more efficient setup. 

The answer to all of this are camera clamps and mounts. Camera clamps and mounts work well for different photoshoot scenarios, because they help free the photographer’s hands and create a more free-flowing setup. They also tend to be lightweight, compact and inconspicuous lending themselves to events where camera gear can look unsightly or when traveling where gear quickly becomes heavy. 

TetherArca Air Direct Clamp for L-Brackets

TetherArca Series

TetherArca Cable Clamp for L-Brackets

Tether Tools has the TetherArca series that allows you to attach to your existing L-Bracket on your camera.  

TetherArca Cable Spacer for L-Brackets

In addition, both the TetherArca Air Direct Clamp and TetherArca Cable Clamp for L-Brackets carries a ¼”- 20 Female Thread to add any accessory.  

Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm

In both the photography and videography world, flexibility is key. You need versatility to get you where you want when it comes to capturing the imagery either through a photo or video. If you’re searching for that kind of versatility, then the Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm is what you need. The Rock Solid Master Articulating Arm is fully adjustable and engineered to position anything like a tablet, small monitor, camera, light, off-camera flash and other accessories you might need in an optimal position.  

Rock Solid 4-Head Tripod Cross Bar

Whether you’re shooting tethered to a laptop in-studio or on location, the Rock Solid 4-Head Tripod Cross Bar is a must-have. A perfectly elegant solution to tethered shooting, the Cross Bar lets you view images on a laptop or tablet right next to your camera. You can mount this Cross Bar on Aero tables, iPads, monitors or anything with a female 3/8” threads and features a dual-locking ratcheting handles to keep your gear safe and secured. Each mounting points makes connecting and disconnecting your gear a breeze as well.  


ONsite USB-C 30W PD Battery Pack

Photographers are always looking for ways to secure small pieces in place. The StrapMoore can do just that. The StrapMoore can be fastened and secure to any leg of a tripod, light stand or pole—allowing for quick and easy acess to the gear you’ll need throughout a photoshoot. What can you secure with a StrapMoore? You can secure anything from power supplies, external battery packs, even an off-camera flash. The StrapMoore has heavy-duty straps called GripperElastic allowing it to protect your gear as well as preventing anything from falling to the floor. These straps are also very adjustable and can be secured to any pole or beam as small as ¼-inch and as large as 3-inches in diameter.  

RapidMount SLX with RapidStrips

Imagine having the ability to leave your bulky light stands at home; instead of mounting your speed lights discreetly to nearly any surface or object available at a venue without being intrusive to guests, avoiding dangerous trip hazards that can occur with light stands. The RapidMount SLX does just that! The SLX is a multi-surface speed light holder that mounts off-camera flashes to a wall and other surfaces using the included specially formulated, pressure-activated RapidMount adhesive strips. The SLX stays securely attached to the wall while the arms cradle your speed light and drawstring keeps it in place. The RapidMount SLX adheres to and removes from walls quickly and leaves no residue upon removal with the help of the RapidMount adhesive strips.