Holiday Gift Guide 2019

Posted by: on Nov 12, 2019

Holiday Gift Guide 2019
With the holidays fast approaching you may be thinking about gifts for the photographer in your life (or even yourself). Not sure what new gadgets they want? Tether Tools is here to help with holiday gift ideas that pack power, connectivity and collaboration in perfect size packages this year.

Gifts Under $50

Jerkstopper Tethering Kit
Keep your tech safe and protected with the JerkStopper Tethering Kit for your camera and computer. Tether Tools has engineered a simple, yet secure way to ensure that your cable stays in and is protected from damage. The JerkStopper Tethering Kit comes with one camera side (1) Jerkstopper and your choice of one (1) computer side JerkStopper.
Rock Solid External Battery Pack
Power is critical for creatives – photographers especially. Always on the go, remove the stress of when your devices will lose power with the Rock Solid External Battery Pack. This battery can charge up to 5-6 hours depending on the device. With dual power ports, this battery can conveniently power phones, tablets, cameras and other USB powered tech tools.

Gifts Under $100

TetherBlock Arca
*BONUS* Free Gift with Purchase: Every TetherBlock Arca purchase receives a NEW Right-Angle Adapter “Pigtail” Cable | $19 Value

TetherBlock Arca  offers the ultimate in design and function. As a sleek quick release plate, this easily secures your camera to your arca-style ball head.  The inset cable channel allows you to route TetherPro USB and HDMI cables and ensure zero movement at the cable port. Adding a Right-Angle Adapter “Pigtail” cable completes this setup by allowing an easy and efficient setup for every shoot. The new Right-Angle adapters are 20” (50cm”) in length and connects to any USB 2.0 or 3.0 Active Extension or USB-C Extender.
Rock Solid Tripod Roller
This premium quality tripod dolly is perfect for shoots where constant moving occurs be it an interior home or commercial architecture shoot, multi-bay product or fashion shoots, on-location catalog work shoot, senior portraits and more. The smooth rolling wheels make it easy to glide and lock down when you’re in the right position. With folding legs and its own carrying case, it travels easy and light giving you the flexibility you need.

Gifts Under $200

Case Air Wireless Tethering System
*BONUS* Gift With Purchase: Every Case Air purchase receives a Free TetherPro Cable Organization Case, Large | $26.95 Value

Love tethering but would prefer to not be restricted by a cable? The Case Air is your solution for wireless tethering. Not only will you have the ability to view your images on a phone or tablet screen, but transfer speeds will be a matter of seconds. The Remote App (Case Air’s phone/tablet app that works in tandem with the device) works at 150 ft range so that you don’t need to be close to your camera to control it. Manage your settings, triggers and watch as your images transfer in a matter of seconds with the Case Air Wireless Tethering System.
AeroTab Universal Tablet System
$129.99 – $149.99
Engineered with a secure corner to corner diagonal brace, the AeroTab keeps a tablet’s screen, as well as all buttons, cameras, speakers and ports open and accessible. AeroTab comes in two sizes, Small and Large with either the 2 Mount or 4 Mount Bracket option. Both options allow you to connect a tablet to stands, arms, clamps or grips.
Rock Solid Low Boy Roller
The Low Boy Roller Stand meets the height requirements of today’s hard-working photographers, whether that’s a sitting workstation or a high overhead studio strobe setup. The smooth rolling, 3″ non-marring hardened rubber locking wheels make it easy to move around the studio and its heavy duty, chrome-plated steel and aluminum spring-loaded risers are great for mounting monitors.
ONsite USB-C 87W PD Battery Pack
The ONsite USB-C 87W PD Battery Pack is a quick charging battery designed to charge one USB-C and two USB devices simultaneously. The 26,800 mAh battery can charge laptops, tablets, phones and many Tether Tools solutions including Case Air and Air Direct Wireless Tethering Systems, Case Relay Camera Power System, TetherBoost Pro and more.

Note: Available for purchase soon.

Gifts Under $400

Air Direct Wireless Tethering System
The Air Direct is the ultimate in wireless tethering. This device allows wireless camera control and transfer from your software of your choice (Capture One, Lightroom, Smart Shooter, DarkRoom and many other programs). With USB-C technology for lightning fast transfer, the Air Direct boasts many features such as two-way communication from computer to camera or camera to computer, RAW and JPG transfer to a Mac or PC simultaneously, and five times the transfer rate at ranges up to 200 feet (60m). This piece of technology is a must for the photographer who wishes to create efficiency without compromising their current process.

*Note: The Air Direct will be available for purchase late fall 2019. Customers can sign up to get notified when this product is live, which will be just in time for Christmas.
ONsite Universal Power Bundle
The ONsite Universal Power Bundle offers a solution to efficiently mount your ONsite D-Tap to AC Power Supply and ONsite D-Tap Battery with V-Mount to a tripod, light stand, pole, cart or c-stand with the included ONsite Versa V-Mount and Rock Solid Master Clamp.
Pro Tethering Kit
$349.95 – 369.95
*BONUS* Free Gift with Purchase: Every Pro Kit purchase receives the ONsite DTAP to AC Power Supply for either 110V or 220V chargers | $89 Value

Setting up a capture station with the tools you need make every shoot run smoother. With the Pro Tethering Kit, you can mount your laptop, hard drive, power brick and secure your entire kit on a single stand.  The kit comes in two table sizes, with all the best accessories for the Aero System – including a cup holder for your pumpkin spice latte!

If You Want to Splurge on Someone (Or Yourself)

Ultimate Tethering Bundle
The Ultimate Tethering Bundle contains everything you need to create the best possible tethering experience in-studio or on location for both your craft and your client. Computer, monitor, keyboard all on one stand allows the photographer to see the image on their laptop as well as on a mounted monitor secured to a Low Boy Roller, enabling the photographer and those on set the ability to see images in stunning detail, live as they’re shot. The holidays only come once a year. There is nothing wrong with treating yourself!