History Behind the StrapMoore

Posted by: on Jan 31, 2014

History Behind the StrapMoore

This post was written by Brad Moore, creator of the StrapMoore. Tether Tools and Brad Moore partnered on a product idea in 2011. Within a few months, the StrapMoore was released to the public.

While it was designed to fix a specific problem I had, its usefulness to the photo and video industry lies in its versatility. And that’s why the StrapMoore is an important tool. – Brad Moore

When Tether Tools was still fairly new to our team at KelbyOne as well as the photo and video industry, I approached them with some questions.

Why am I still using gaff tape when shooting tethered?

Why am I taping the laptop power brick to the tripod leg?

What can I use to keep my power brick from dragging on the floor?

How can I keep the laptop from coming unplugged when I move my tripod?

After expressing my concern, I asked for a solution. Tether Tools started working on an idea. Finally, the first version of the StrapMoore was born. 


The original was designed specifically for holding a laptop power brick to a tripod, but when people started coming up with other uses for it, it was tweaked to make the straps longer so that it could attach to more and bigger things. Following all the feedback, Tether Tools then added the StrapMoore Extender to allow for even more versatility. ssmrex-tether-tools-strapmoore-extender-top-02-web

Still today, I use it for the power brick, but I’ve seen other clever uses from both the team at Tether Tools and other industry professionals. While the StrapMoore was designed to fix a specific problem I had, its usefulness to the photo and video industry industry lies in its versatility. And that’s why it’s an important tool.

Photo courtesy of ©Erik Valind

I still believe the StrapMoore is the perfect solution for keeping the power brick from dragging. Other photographers I work with use it to hold their external hard drive during a photoshoot, or attach a radio trigger or speedlight to a lightstand. Honestly, the possibilities are endless.


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