Getting Creative on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

Posted by: on Apr 22, 2020

Getting Creative on the Front Lines of the COVID-19 Pandemic

The impact of the Cornovirus on the world is unprecedented. It’s brought parts of our global community, like our photography industry, to a near halt. At the same time, it’s overwhelmed our healthcare system, our grocery stores and many parts of the world’s supply chain. We’re all finding ourselves navigating uncertainty and adapting to an uncommon way of life.

At Adorama, our typical mission is focused on inspiring a world of creators, and then equipping them with the gear they need to find success in their creative pursuits. We thrive on collaborating with photographers and cinematographers to ensure their set-up will help them achieve their creative vision.

A Different Type of Equipment Need Emerges

As the medical community responds to the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), hospitals nationwide are coordinating their efforts to help combat the virus. New York State leads the nation in confirmed cases and doctors throughout the area are working diligently to attend to all incoming patients.

The increase in hospital patients — including those who are admitted with COVID-19, and those with other needs — means doctors and staff are adapting in real-time to help better treat the public. 

Steven H. Rudolph, M.D., Director of the Telestroke Program at Mount Sinai Health System in Brooklyn, New York, is leading his team of professionals to treat stroke patients. With the increase in telemedicine due to coronavirus, Dr. Rudolph and his team are treating high-risk patients using telemedicine, allowing for those who are not able to come to a hospital to remain at home. The department is also keeping doctors safe by implementing a work-from-home policy and equipping them to practice medicine virtually. 

The work-from-home policy, in particular, has required that Dr. Rudolph’s team get creative in how they adapt to provide that care, anywhere needed within the health system’s facilities. 

The Right Equipment for a Different Type of Job

With efficiency, readiness, and sterilization in mind, the hospital required a robust and mobile unit to help staff get to in-hospital patients far quicker and more productively, and allow doctors to treat them using telemedicine. 

The Adorama Business Solutions team quickly assisted with acquiring product and placing an order, made possible thanks to a generous gift to the hospital from the Foundation for Stroke Prevention

To best equip the team of doctors, the recommended equipment included: 

The two products, when joined together, allow for easy mounting of an iPad to a standard IV pole, allowing users to easily move the entire unit as they travel and assist patients from home. 

Photo Credit: Mount Sinai Hospital

Made from aerospace aluminum, and thanks to its intuitive design, the entire setup is easily cleaned, adhering to hospital regulations. It can also be easily removed when needed, further allowing doctors and healthcare workers versatility in their work. 

Photo Credit: Mount Sinai Hospital

Refocusing Creativity on Health and Safety

As the world works to mitigate the spread of the coronavirus, hospitals globally are adjusting their workflows to better treat and tend to patients. 

The Adorama Business Solutions team, along with Tether Tools and many others in our industry are having to make adjustments to meet the needs of the current healthcare reality.