Five Ways to Use the New Rock Solid Master C-Stand

Posted by: on Aug 25, 2017

Five Ways to Use the New Rock Solid Master C-Stand
From cameras to grip equipment, in studio or on location, photographers and filmmakers need their gear to be as flexible as they are. New from Tether Tools, the Rock Solid Master C-Stand may be one of the most versatile pieces of gear we’ve ever released. With a minimum of height of just 38.5 inches (0.98m) and maximum height of 74.5 inches (1.89m) the Master C-Stand can accommodate a waist level tethered workstation or overhead support for studio lights. The non-marring feet won’t scuff your studio floors, and the tri-lock legs fold quickly for easy storage and transport.

Here are five unique ways you can use the Rock Solid Master C-Stand:

Add a Tether Table Aero to Create a Tethered Workstation

The 5/8″ knurled baby stud can securely mount into the Tether Table Aero and with a minimum height of 38.5″ (0.98m) the Master C-Stand can get low enough to work as a sitting workstation.

Add a Rock Solid VESA Studio Monitor Mount for Stands to Create a Video Village or a Viewing Station for a Client on a Tethered Shoot

The Master C-Stand features large, ergonomically-designed grip knobs that lock everything down, and a load capacity of 18.5 lbs (8.4 kg) to handle the largest monitor or HDTV.

Mount an Microsoft Surface Pro, iPad Pro, Wacom, or Other Tablet using the AeroTab L4 and Rock Solid Aero Elbow

Shoot tethered with a USB cable into the Microsoft Surface Pro, shoot tethered wirelessly into an iPad Pro using the Case Air, or illustrating on-the-fly with your Wacom tablet. The AeroTab L4 securely holds your tablet, the Aero Elbow positions the tablet to your desired angle, and the Master C-Stand can be placed right where you need it.

Create a Photo Booth Using the Master C-Stand and Rock Solid PhotoBooth Kit for Stands

If you’ve been considering starting or expanding your photo booth business, you may be intimidated at the overall cost and elaborate setups for some photo booths in the market today. There’s another, more simple way that doesn’t involve taking out a loan to get your photo booth business started. With the Rock Solid PhotoBooth Kit for Stands you can mount a monitor and camera to a Rock Solid Master C-Stand, creating the perfect photo booth experience for events, weddings, or parties.

Use the Master C-Stand with Lights, Modifiers, and More

The C-stand is one of the most versatile stands when it comes to using lights, modifiers, and more both in-studio and on location. Featuring all-metal construction with an all-weather non-reflective matte black finish and the highest quality manufacturing, Tether Tools is proud to offer a Lifetime Warranty on the Master C-Stand.

For more product information and to purchase now, view the Rock Solid Master C-Stand.