5 Reasons to Shoot Tethered

Posted by: on Sep 15, 2020

5 Reasons to Shoot Tethered
Photo Credit: Rachel Neville

Take advantage of all the things that shooting tether offers to achieve your top goal – happy clients.

Creative Collaboration

  • Collaborate more effectively with your creative team: assistants, stylists and subjects.
  • Immediate feedback on focus, exposure and color.
  • Adjust lighting and camera settings more quickly and easily.
  • View images on larger 4K monitors to check for critical focus, lighting and composition.
  • Share images on multiple devices.
  • Share images with art director/client on site or remotely.
  • Ability to use the full range of tools the tethering software offers, like presets, image rating, post-production editing and file management.
Photo Credit: Kira Derryberry

Faster Workflow

  • Control camera settings and remote trigger from the software.
  • Tag, rate, compare and share images while you shoot.
  • Increased speed – writing files to external or internal hard drives.
  • Post processing speed – clients can rate and choose images before they leave the set.
Photo Credit: Tom Barnes


  • Backup files to hard drive while shooting.
  • Move images in an instant.
  • Reduce the chance of image loss.
  • Auto-backups can be enabled depending on your computer system and setup.
Photo Credit: Jeff Carpenter


  • Instantly see images at full resolution.
  • Connect to multiple monitors – depending on your setup.
  • Send images to monitors and mobile devices.

Happy Clients

Shooting tethered offers a powerful experience for your clients, one where they can contribute and feel a part of your creative process, and you can give them a superior product. Everyone knows that happy clients are repeat clients.

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