Fashion Photographer Danny Diaz Reviews the Air Direct

Posted by: on Mar 23, 2020

Fashion Photographer Danny Diaz Reviews the Air Direct

With the release of the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System, photographers from around the globe now have the mobility and flexibility to shoot wirelessly while transferring images to their computer or mobile device. This allows photographers a better, more efficient workflow. The ability to share images to clients and models, taking their workstation on location, as well as securing that perfect photo in less shots are among the great things when tethering wirelessly.

We sat down with Fashion Photographer Danny Diaz and spoke with him regarding all things Air Direct.  

What camera(s) do you shoot with? 

I currently use the Canon EOS R.

What is your primary tethering software? 

My current tethering software is Capture One.

How has the Air Direct enhanced your workflow?

The Air Direct makes my workflow easier for myself and my clients. My clients are able to see the images as I am taking them. 

What is your favorite feature of the Air Direct?

My favorite feature of the Air Direct is the [sic] ability to send a small JPG to my iPad PRO for my clients to review and securing the RAW file on my SD card. My client is able to make their selection on location versus waiting for me to get back to the studio to cull through the images.

What would you change about the Air Direct? 

I think a software interface can be better by utilizing the entire screen and moving all the options to the right side or the left side which frees up the middle section of my iPad Pro.

What was your first reaction when you opened the Air Direct?

I thought the hardware looks very high-end and happy that it came with a bunch of wires to adapt to different cameras. 

What are the types of jobs you expect to use your Air Direct? 

For me, it will be when I’m on location and shooting outside. I can keep the RAW files on my SD card and send the smaller JPG files to my iPad Pro 11 inch screen. 

What are the types of jobs where you wouldn’t expect to use it and why?

I would not use it indoors as my computer is right next to me and I need to see the RAW files. It needs to be fast. 

How easy or difficult was the connection process on the Air Direct?

Easy to use. Follow the introductions and all is good to go.

Why did you choose the Air Direct?

To make the process of reviewing images on a larger screen on location is the main reason why. I do beautiful photography, fashion and editorial work so I need to see these images as fast as I can when I am out of the studio. This is important to me and the rest of the team, which includes the makeup artist, hair stylist and client.