Exercise Central: Mount Your iPad Tablet to a Bike

Posted by: on Aug 13, 2013

Exercise Central: Mount Your iPad Tablet to a Bike


Finding the time to exercise when your to do list is looming can be challenging. In the age of efficient multitasking, wouldn’t it be nice to exercise and catch up on a show, do research, plan a trip or get some work done.

“I wish I had a treadmill iPad Tablet mount”

“I wish I had a bike iPad Tablet mount”

“I wish I had an exercise equipment iPad Tablet mount”

 Now you can!

With your current iPad or tablet, the iPad/ Tablet Utility Mounting Kit allows you to mount your tablet directly on your stationary bike trainer, treadmill, cross trainer or other exercise equipment. Whether you work out at home or at the gym, the removable mount can go with you from one piece of equipment to the next. 

Have a weight system at home? Mount your tablet with your workout tracking app loaded up and keep honest on your reps. Want to watch a cycling video, complete with coach encouraging you to pedal harder? The Utility Kit is the ideal way to keep your screen close by, while keeping your hands free so you can balance while you stand and climb.

The iPad Tablet Utility Mounting Kit from Tether Tools is ideal for home and gym as well as office, car, golf cart or just about anywhere! Because of it’s non-permanent attachment that secures and removes in seconds, you can access programs and apps on your tablet no matter what you’re doing… and keep you hands free at the same time. 

Quick Tip: In the grocery store, the utility kit can entertain cart passengers, or be turned around to mount a shopping list on your cart.