Cross Bar and Tether “T”

Posted by: on Jan 28, 2016

Cross Bar and Tether “T”

A Mobile Workstation Like No Other

Mount your Tether Table Aero, monitor or tablet on the same support as your camera to build the ideal customized workstation. Keep your gear close by and view your photos quickly and effortlessly. Travel lighter with fewer stands and tripods.

Where You Want It, When You Need It

  • A complete, functional workstation
  • Shoot from the cross bar or use it as a camera holder
  • Lightweight, simple to setup, easy to breakdown
  • Professional appearance on any photo or video shoot
  • Includes carrying case for easy transport

Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar

Tether Tools’ Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar lets you mount your Tether Table Aero on the same solid support as your camera to build a custom, ideal workstation that meets your specific needs.

  • View your images on the large screen right next to your camera
  • Travel with fewer tripods and lightstands
  • Mount Aero Tables, iPads, Monitors or anything with a female 3/8″ thread


  • 3/8″ Tripod Male Thread at Each End
  • 3/8″ Tripod Male Thread on Each of Two Sliding Mounts
  • 3/8″ Tripod Female Thread on Bottom for Mounting to Tripod
  • Dual Locking Ratcheting Handles
  • Knurling on Each Mounting Point for Easy Connection/Disconnection

Tether Tools Tether “T”

Combine the Rock Solid Cross Bar Side Arm with the Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar to create the Tether “T” setup enabling easy adjustments to the camera’s height. The Tether “T” setup is ideal for step and repeat photo shoots, simply adjust the vertical bar to the appropriate levels as subjects enter and exit the frame.

  • Rock Solid Cross Bar + Tether Tools Side Arm
  • Side Arm Mounted on One End Point of Cross Bar
  • Side Arm has 3/8″ Tripod Male Thread on Each End
  • Side Arm Pole Can Be Moved Up and Down

Mount To a Lightstand or C-Stand

Both the Tripod Cross Bar and the Tether “T” setup can be added to a lightstand or c-stand using the optional Rock Solid Baby Ball Head Adapter.

  • Secure the Ball Head Adapter to the bottom mount of the Cross Bar
  • Slide the female 5/8″ baby stud onto any lightstand or c-stand
  • Tighten the thumb screw on the Ball Head Adapter

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