Combining Print & Motion Media with Douglas Sonders

Posted by: on Apr 25, 2014

Combining Print & Motion Media with Douglas Sonders

Douglas Sonders is fresh off a cool project with XOXO and model Lily Aldridge where his company had to produce a hybrid of a print and motion fashion campaign. Sonders and team had just under 10 hours to shoot more than 12 outfits with two complete hair and makeup changes!

Did we mention that included both stills and video?

Courtesy ©Douglas Sonders.

First and foremost, the crew had to lock down a New York City location with unique surfaces and furniture in an effort to avoid building sets. Another major hurdle was that their location didn’t have the capacity to handle powerful lighting and, with it being a high rise, they couldn’t depend on a generator truck.

Unsurprisingly, Douglas and crew navigated the tricky production and client needs effortlessly to produce what we think is a pretty sweet campaign. You can view BTS shots and read more about their project on

Here’s a quick synopsis on their workflow:

  • Video was captured with the RED Epic and native 800 ISO, but they also had a RED Scarlet on set for additional shots. The lens they selected was the Cooke S4.
  • Stills were shot with the Phase One IQ260, which they wirelessly tethered to an iPad 3 through Capture Pilot so that clients could view shots as they came in.
  • They ran the new 15″ Macbook Pro and Capture One Pro 7 tethering / RAW processing software to do rough edits on the client image selects right there on set.