Christian Fletcher’s Workflow for Capture One

Posted by: on Apr 22, 2014

Christian Fletcher’s Workflow for Capture One

Christian Fletcher is an award winning Landscape photographer from Western Australia. He has been taking photographs professionally for over 20 years. 

May 28, 2014
10am & 5pm CEST
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B_registerIn this Webinar, Christian will show you how he uses Capture One to create and polish his images, realizing what he saw when he pressed the shutter. 

This will be an incredible opportunity to listen and interact with a professional at the top of his game. All our Webinars are interactive, therefore you will be able to pose question to Christian and also David Grover from Phase One’s software department. 

“During my career, I have had to evolve with every advance in technology and creative technique. It is such an exciting and challenging time to be in the industry. The advent of digital has revolutionised photography as an art form. It has also bought photography and image manipulation to the masses. Digital in some ways made it easier to be a “photographer”, but it still takes a certain level of skill and understanding to truly master the craft.” – Christian Fletcher

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