CamRanger App updates to Version 1.6.7

Posted by: on Aug 22, 2013

CamRanger App updates to Version 1.6.7

A new update has been released for the CamRanger App. Specific enhancements are available for the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad Mini to provide more advanced DSLR wireless remote tethering options.


To download the new update, click here. If you have any questions or issues with this update, please let us know – you can connect with us at


The updated features include:

  • Official Support for the Canon 1DC camera
  • View images full screen in horizontal landscape for the iPod Touch and iPhone

    Photo courtesy ©CamRanger
  • Optionally resume your previous CamRanger session: take a lunch break and start where you left off, when selected. image thumbnails from your previous session will appear above the live view display
  • Night mode: as requested by the astrophotographers, this feature provides a red overlay to help keep your night vision intact

    Photo courtesy ©CamRanger
  • Image ratings: You no longer need to be connected to the CamRanger network to view your ratings list (including image thumbnail and name along with ratings and comments)
  • Grid-line and Aspect ratios: a couple more options are included and now you have the ability to select different grid-line colors
  • Experimental focus peeking: Provides an outline for in focus areas when in live mode and video mode
    Photo courtesy ©CamRanger

source:  CamRanger