Bundle Up and Save Big on Tether Tools Most Popular Products

Posted by: on Nov 25, 2015

Bundle Up and Save Big on Tether Tools Most Popular Products

Tis the Season to be Tethered!

Are you dreaming of a tethered holiday season? This year spread Love, Joy, & Holiday Gear with a Holiday Bundle from Tether Tools! With bundles ranging from $20 to $50 off, there’s something every photographer would love.

RapidMount Lights & Action Kit – $84.85 – A Savings of $20

RapidMount SLX + RapidMount Q20 + 140 RapidStrips
Light it Up with the RapidMount SLX and Q20 this Holiday Season! RMUKT-rapidmount-lights-and-action-bundle Designed for location shoots, events or weddings, RapidMounts attach to walls and other vertical surfaces quickly and discreetly, allowing you to mount lights and action accessories in ways that were never before possible. The RapidMount SLX and RapidMount Q20 setup fast using RapidStrips to adhere the device to any smooth, painted, or lightly textured surface such as drywall, veneer, glass, mirror, laminate, fiberglass, metal, tile, porcelain and marble. At the end of the shoot the SLX and Q20 removes from walls easily, do not damage surfaces and leave no residue behind.

TetherBoost Power Kit – $97.84 – A Savings of $20

TetherBoost + Rock Solid Power Bank + StrapMoore Extender + A/C Power Adapter
Unpack the Power this Holiday Season! tetherboost-power-bundle Say hello to the TetherBoost Core Controller and say goodbye to frustrating USB 3.0 connection issues. Using external power is optimal to reduce the drain on camera and computer batteries when shooting tethered. With the included TetherBoost A/C Power Adapter you can plug into a wall outlet, and provide the TetherBoost and camera with a strong and reliable power source. If you’re on location the included rechargeable Rock Solid External Power Bank, secured with the StrapMoore Extender, can keep your connection stable on even the longest of shoots.

Pro Tethering Kit – $319.95 to $337.95 – A Savings of $50

Tether Table Aero Traveler, TetherPro Cable 15’, JerkStopper Tethering Kit, ProPad, SecureStrap, Aero XDC, StrapMoore, Cable Organization Case
Get Ready to Amaze Your Clients in 2016! prtk88org-tether-tools-pro-tethering-kit-tether-table-usb-firewire-strapmoore-jerkstopper-propad-MAIN Designed with the working professional photographer in mind, the Pro Tethering Kit is the ideal package to help you transition to a consistent tethered photography workflow. Complete with a Tether Table Aero Traveler, TetherPro Cable, JerkStopper Tethering Kit and many additional accessories, the Tether Tools Pro Kit will take your business workflow and professional image to the next level!

AeroTab Utility Kit – $129.99 to $139.99 – A Savings of $20

AeroTab S2 + EasyGrip ST, LG, or XL

Mount Your New Tablet Anywhere This Holiday Season and in 2016! ccl15-aerotab-gray-41 The AeroTab Utility Mounting Kit offers unlimited options for mounting a tablet just about anywhere imaginable – with the added benefit of not having to remove your case. This kit makes it easy to mount a tablet to any round or flat surface up to 4.5 inches wide. Ideal for home, office, car, gym, or just about anywhere, the Utility Kit is a non-permanent attachment that easily secures and removes in seconds. The whole system stores compact for easy transport so you can take and use your tablet in any situation.