Better When You Tether for Veterans: Camille Wright Felton

Posted by: on Nov 11, 2013

Better When You Tether for Veterans: Camille Wright Felton

This article was written by Camille Wright Felton for the Better When You Tether series of articles by professional photographers who experience the benefits of shooting tethered in various shooting environments.


Veteran’s Day Project

I contacted the National Association of Black Military Women and asked if they’d put me in contact with some of their members. The national office put me in touch with the Atlanta Chapter President, Col. Elfreda Kirksey.  She invited me to come to one of the group’s regular meetings to photograph anyone who wanted to participate.

Atlanta Chapter, National Association of Black Military Women.
Photo courtesy of ©Camille Wright Felton

I had a lot of fun working with these women, and I’m glad my daughter had the chance to be around them, too.  They are examples of the kind of woman I want her to be. – Camille Wright Felton

The women I photographed have served this country for decades. They’ve served in Vietnam, Desert Storm and Desert Shield, Operation Iraqi Freedom and the War in Afghanistan. It was an honor to meet and photograph these women.

Photo courtesy of ©Kesi Felton

I put together my portable headshot setup in an office space outside the conference room where the ladies were holding their regular monthly meeting.  No matter where I shoot, I like to shoot tethered into Lightroom. It helps me make sure I’m getting the shots I want, and I think it helps the subjects feel more comfortable in front of the camera if we can stop and take a look at exactly what the results are.  

Colonel Elfreda Kirksey
Colonel Elfreda Kirksey.
Photo courtesy of ©Camille Wright Felton
E-5 Dr. Gwen G Rogers
E-5 Dr. Gwen G. Rogers.
Photo courtesy of ©Camille Wright Felton

When I decided to participate in this project, I made a point of finding women who had served this country.  I admire anyone who has spent time in the armed services.  I do feel that while women have always participated in protecting the nation, they don’t always get the recognition from the public that they deserve.

I had a lot of fun working with these women, and I’m glad my daughter had the chance to be around them, too.  They are examples of the kind of woman I want her to be.  I’m hoping we get the chance to work with them again, and spend more time talking to them about their experiences.

My favorite piece of tethering gear

I once had a shoot in a tight, busy space where my USB cord kept pulling out of my camera. Then I found the Tether Tools JerkStopper. Problem solved. I don’t have to spend time plugging cords back in and making sure the software recognized the camera over and over again. Since I’m not wasting time doing that, I’ve got more time to spend with the people I’m photographing, to discuss what’s working, what they like and what they might want me to work on in post. It helps me present my clients with the best picture possible.

About Camille

felton-camille-wright-headshotYou know your story. I can help you tell it.

I have spent the majority of my working life in TV and online news. As a writer and producer, my job is to choose words and images to tell a story in the best way possible. As a copy editor I refine someone else’s words to make sure whoever is reading, watching or listening understands the story the writer and producer are trying to tell.

I believe my work as a photographer is essentially the same. You know your story. I’ll work with you to make the photographs you need to tell your story to your audience, whether it’s headshots for a business or social media audience, or portraits that tell a story about your family to friends and relatives.

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