Best iPad Tablet Mount for Doodlers & Editors

Posted by: on Jul 15, 2013

Best iPad Tablet Mount for Doodlers & Editors

The uncomfortable feeling you get when you have been holding your iPad or Tablet too long. That cramp in your hand. That tired wrist. Well, hurt no more!

Whether you are an iPad or Tablet doodler or editor, you don’t have to worry anymore about holding, balancing or precariously mounting your tablet. Tether Tools has the ideal mounts for all the ways you use your iPad or Tablet.

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The Pivot

Photo courtesy ©Jim DiVitale

The Studio Proper Wallee Pivot is the perfect complement to any desktop environment whether at the studio, office or home. Designed from brushed silver aluminum to match the iPad, the Pivot’s built in swivel achieves the perfect viewing angles for any use of the iPad or Tablet.   The Pivot, an elegant iMac-style stand uses Wallee’s patented locking X mechanism, which enables the iPad or Galaxy Tablet to securely float when mounted on the Pivot.

Get the Pivot here.

The Kick

wkick-tether-tools-wallee-kick-ipad-stand-05-webIt’s like a compact kickstand for the iPad or Galaxy Tablet. The Studio Proper Wallee Kick is created in sleek brushed aluminum and can be used as an upright stand for the perfect display viewing experience or a simple twist and it transforms into a low profile kickstand providing ideal typing, editing or doodling comfort. The slender design and durable lightweight material makes it ideal to take on the road, to meetings, on the plane or anywhere you doodle.

Get the Kick here.

The Handstrap


The comfort-fit handle allows the iPad or Tablet to be held comfortably and securely over extended periods of time. With a contoured, brushed silver outer shell and breathable inner padding, the Wallee Handstrap provides a well-balanced grip for attaching the tablet to either hand. The easily adjustable straps enable one to tighten or loosen the device for an optimal fit.  While doodling, reading, viewing videos and images or gaming, using the hand grip provides an easy, comfortable and professional option for sharing the iPad or Tablet with clients to view images or sketches.

Get the Handstrap here.

Wallee Mounts and Accessories are Simple to Use

For all Wallee mounts and accessories, attaching the iPad or Galaxy Tablet is easy. Positioned in the Wallee Case (sold separately), simply rotate the iPad or Tablet case’s open X receptor onto the mount or accessory’s locking X device. A quick turn and an audible click and the tablet is securely mounted. With a 90 degree spin, it quickly swings between portrait and landscape orientation. Another 45 degree spin and the case is released from the accessory/mount.