All the Gear You Need for Your New Camera

Posted by: on Dec 28, 2015

All the Gear You Need for Your New Camera
Get a new camera for Christmas or Hanukkah? Congrats! I just got socks and my Aunt Rose knitted me a sweater. Now that you’ve gotten your shiny, new camera out of the box it’s time to pick up the gear you’ll need to start shooting like a pro. It’s important to note that while you might already have a TetherPro Cable for your old camera, not all cameras use the same cable connectors. The first thing you’ll want to do is head over to our Shop By Camera page on, and enter in the Manufacturer and Model of your camera.
The Shop By Camera page on has all of the cables, software, and gear you’ll need for your specific camera.
The proper cable, Starter Tethering Kit, and Pro Tethering Kit will populate, all with the correct cable your camera needs to shoot tethered. Below the Proper Cable section, you’ll see all of the compatible tethering software for the camera you’ve selected as well as other tethering essentials. We highly recommend a Pro Tethering Kit, which includes:
  • (1) Tether Table Aero Traveler
  • (1) TetherPro Cable 15′
  • (1) JerkStopper Tethering Kit with Camera Support & Clip-on for the Aero
  • (1) Non-Slip ProPad for the Tether Table Aero Traveler
  • (1) SecureStrap
  • (1) Aero XDC External Drive Compartment
  • (1) StrapMoore
  • (1) Tether Tools Cable Organization Case (Standard)
If you don’t need a table and just want a TetherPro Cable and JerkStopper, our Starter Tethering Kit is for you.
Starter Tethering Kit
If you have any questions on which cable or piece of gear you need for your new camera, please don’t hesitate to contact our Tether Tools Customer Service Team at 1-888-854-6565 or email us at