All The Gear You Need For The Tether “T” Setup

Posted by: on Feb 16, 2016

All The Gear You Need For The Tether “T” Setup
rstaa4-rock-solid-tether-tools-tripod-crossbar-tethert-t-camera If you shoot tethered and you’re looking to create a mobile workstation like no other, look no further than the Tether “T” setup! Perfect for step and repeat event photographers, school portrait photographers, and sports team photographers who are looking for an on-location scalable workstation solution. Quick and easy to setup, simply combine the Rock Solid Cross Bar Side Arm with the Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar to create the Tether “T” setup enabling easy adjustments to the camera’s height. The Tether “T” setup is ideal for step and repeat photo shoots, simply adjust the vertical bar to the appropriate levels as subjects enter and exit the frame. The arm provides 24” of vertical movement covering just about any situation.
  • Rock Solid Cross Bar + Tether Tools Side Arm
  • Side Arm Mounted on One End Point of Cross Bar
  • Side Arm has 3/8″ Tripod Male Thread on Each End
  • Side Arm Pole Can Be Moved Up and Down
Here’s all the gear you need for the Tether “T” Setup:
1. First, you’ll need to purchase the Tether “T” Setup – a Rock Solid Cross Bar Side Arm and Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar. The Cross Bar Side Arm mounts securely to the Tripod Cross Bar via the 3/8” threads at the end and features knurled plates for quick and easy mounting. The double locking ratchet knobs keep the Arm secure at the optimal height for your subject.
Tether Tools Tether “T” Set-Up
2. Next, you’ll need to mount the Tether “T” on a tripod, c-stand, or lightstand. If you opt to use a c-stand or lightstand you’ll need to add a Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter.
Rock Solid Baby Ballhead Adapter
3. The Tether Table Aero securely mounts on the Rock Solid Tripod Cross Bar. 4. Your favorite camera ballhead easily mounts to the top of the Rock Solid Cross Bar Side Arm. 5. Add on Tether Table Aero accessories such as the Aero XDC, SecureStrap, Aero Hook, Tripod Roller or Aero Cup Holder. Check out all of the Tether Table accessories at
Aero XDC
To purchase your very own Tether “T” setup visit and watch the below video to learn more about this innovative setup.