Air Direct In-Use: See How Other Photographers Are Tethering Wirelessly

Posted by: on Apr 07, 2020

Air Direct In-Use: See How Other Photographers Are Tethering Wirelessly

In order to create images your clients won’t stop talking about, you’ve got to have the right tool for the job. The right camera. The right lens. The right light, or simply the right piece of grip gear that helps you hold your shot together.  

When you’re tethering, having the right tool for the job is exactly how you achieve the improved quality, collaboration and overall efficiency in your workflow. Just as you wouldn’t use the same camera and lens combination to shoot portraits or landscapes, the exact tethered set up you need varies greatly depending on the application and outcome you are looking to achieve. 

Since launching the Air Direct Wireless Tethering System, we’ve seen the most satisfaction coming from photographers who recognize the best applications for using it, and when they should instead connect their cable.  

Here are four online reviews on the product we thought would help you understand the product and how it might fit into your workflow.  

Tether Tools Air Direct UNBOXING and INITIAL THOUGHTS!

By Jeremie Lu, Jeremie Lu Photography

Check out Jeremie Lu’s unboxing of the product. Learn why he’s happy to see the unit powered by the common LP-E6/N battery. Jeremie also goes through the entire contents of the box and explains his preferred mounting option for his Sony Camera. Watch the full unboxing and get his initial thoughts on how the product will apply to the work he does with his clients.

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#ProductReview | #TetherTools #AirDirect 

By Yonkov Wong, Yonkov Wong Production

Yonkov Wong’s review of Air Direct is a must watch as he walks through the device piece by piece to provide a full understanding of the device. Yonkov’s speed test for both JPG and RAW files demonstrates performance for his setup. The results lead to his honest assessment of the types of applications where he’ll use it, and when he’ll still opt for his cable.  

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Air Direct from Tether Tools Review

By Karen Alsop, Story Art

Karen Alsop, a long-time user of tethered capture, explores how tethering wirelessly with a Nikon Camera can improve her workflow for certain applications. Watch Karen go through her wireless setup and hear her experience with 40 MB RAW files transferring wirelessly in 3-4 seconds. As a Nikon shooter, Karen also does a demo of the Air Remote Mobile Tethering app and has tips on settings in the app to keep your mobile shoot moving quickly.

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5 Reasons to Love the Tether Tools Air Direct

By Jeff Carpenter, Readylight Media

Listen to Jeff Carpenter of Readylight Media share the top reasons Air Direct has earned a consistent place in his gear kit. Tethering wirelessly with Panasonic Lumix and into Capture One has freed up Jeff’s studio and on-set shoots from cables that has led to the demise of at least one lens in his career. Jeff offers great insight on managing your Air Direct network connection and RAW file transfer.

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Air Direct has been very well-received by photographers across a number of applications, including the following:  

  • Product, architecture, culinary 
  • Portrait, family, seniors 
  • High-volume school, sports and dance 
  • Action sports 
  • Photobooth and events 
  • Enthusiast photographers improving their craft 

While wireless tethering continues to advance, just like all the gear in your kit, be sure it’s the best option for a particular application. Check out information on for compatibility details and always feel free to call our tech support team to talk through your shoot needs and setup to ensure it’s the right fit for your next project.