Advanced Lightroom Workflow with Jared Platt on CreativeLive

Posted by: on Mar 14, 2014

Advanced Lightroom Workflow with Jared Platt on CreativeLive

unnamedReady for a whole new approach to your post-production workflow? Join CreativeLive instructor Jared Platt for the ultimate three-day introduction to everything you need to know about working with Adobe Lightroom (and beyond) to make your workflow efficient.

You’ll learn a basic, seamless Lightroom workflow, and also how to customize that workflow to fit your specific needs — whether you’re outsourcing, taking pictures on the go, or working in a studio setting. Jared will cover ways to select and retouch images more productively. You’ll also learn about automating settings, plugins, and hacks that will help you work more efficiently. Jared will also guide you through the core image adjustment techniques every Lightroom user should know.

Jared will give you a step by step look at his entire workflow, start to finish. By the end of this course, you’ll have the tools you need to deliver higher-quality images and products while cutting your post-production time in half.

Mar 24 – 26

9:00am – 4:00pm

Los Angeles Time Change time zone