Tethering Now Available For iPad & iPad Pro With Capture One App

Posted by: on Oct 11, 2022

Tethering Now Available For iPad & iPad Pro With Capture One App

Adding tethering to your photography workflow helps increase efficiency, productivity, and collaboration during your shoot. With the recent release of Capture One for iPad, being able to take your tethered workflow on the go has never been easier!

Benefits of adding Capture One for iPad to your photography workflow

Capture One for iPad allows photographers to have the freedom to start their workflow anywhere, anytime. You now have all the tools you need right at your fingertips to work quickly and efficiently. By being able to tether to an iPad, with either a TetherPro Cable or wirelessly, photographers now have the chance to kickstart their editing process while out on the go and have the option to pick up where they left off on their desktop using the Cloud Transfer.

To keep the iPad secure and close by during your shoot, you can utilize the Frio Bigi or Aero Tab to keep the iPad screen close to your camera. To mount the iPad, you can mount directly to the tripod with the AeroTab or utilize the AeroTab, arm, and clamp of the AeroTab Master Kit. To increase safety in your tethered workflow, pair your gear with the Tetherguard Thread Mount and Camera Support to make sure that your cables stay secure and safe during your photography shoot.

How to utilize Capture One for iPad and tethering in your next photography shoot

The new software from Capture One allows photographers to go from shoot to delivery out in the field quickly with tethered shooting to iPad. Photographers can now reference images in the moment on a bigger screen, ensuring sharpness and quality, without bringing along a larger setup. This is a perfect addition for street photographers, wedding photographers, travel photographers, and on-site shoots to quickly show images to clients.

Being able to show images as they are being captured makes collaboration easier and increases client confidence while out on a shoot. Photographers now can deliver photos quickly and directly by being able to edit and export immediately from the iPad.

Streamlined COP for iPad vs. Capture One Pro

With Capture One for iPad, you can import, tether, edit, and organize your images while on the go. Capture One for iPad includes a more streamlined set of features compared to Capture One Pro. For those used to working with Capture One Pro’s full version, you won’t be able to use sessions and a few other features are limited. Learn more here.

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