Spring Some Swag with Tether Tools and Peak Design

Posted by: on Apr 06, 2014

Spring Some Swag with Tether Tools and Peak Design

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Sometimes you just have to get out there. So do it, and take your camera, and don’t look back.

The traveling lifestyle is like having fleas. Once you’ve got it you start to itch, and once you’ve got the itch you impulsively give in to scratch it. Also, sometimes you get bedbugs when traveling, which is sort of like having fleas in the literal sense.

I’m Adam, the Marketing Director for Peak Design, and right now I’m sitting contently in my home office in Austin, Texas with my dog Buddy snoozing next to me. I’m 31 and loving the settled life. But a year ago I couldn’t even fathom this. I was on the other side of the world – literally in Melbourne, Australia, at the tail end of a 3-year antipodean adventure. I’m not the only Peak Design employee to do something like that – our Finance Director Dave spent a year living in New Zealand. Same with our Sales Director Luke. As a matter of fact, Peak Design was inspired by the camera-carrying hassles that our CEO Peter experienced during a 3 month jaunt through India and Southeast Asia. When I think about it, the one thing that truly brings us together as a company is getting the hell out of Dodge.

Photo courtesy of ©PeakDesign
Photo courtesy of ©PeakDesign

We started and built Peak Design out of a love to get out, explore the world, meet new people, and capture the beauty, immensity, tranquility, bustle and grit of what we saw. We design and build products with a core mission in mind – to let folks go anywhere and do anything with their cameras. From our flagship CapturePRO Camera Clip to our versatile, quick-connecting Leash and Cuff camera straps, our gear is designed to make your camera safe and accessible wherever you (or we) go. That includes a walk to the grocery store, or to Annapurna Base Camp. We even chose our business model – crowdfunding – in order to give us the freedom to run our business how we want to. That means we get a lot of opportunities to use the gear we design.

The point is this – our company exists because all of us at one point in our lives said “screw it,” quit our corporate jobs, and bought 1-way plane tickets to random destinations in search of nothing more than something new. We got rid of all of our stuff and lived out of backpacks. Our parents were worried, our grandparents thought we were crazy, and our friends said “man, I could never do that.” But the truth is that you can do it, and after 3 months of having your stuff chucked away in a storage unit you forget about it and realize how easy and attainable the travel lifestyle is.

So if you’ve got the itch, scratch it. Get up and go, and do what’s necessary in order to make it happen. That could mean taking a few unpaid vacation days, or missing a softball game, or quitting your softball league, or quitting your job. Get out there and see the world, and be sure to bring your camera. You won’t regret it for a second, you’ll come back with amazing photos you’ll cherish for the rest of your life, and it might lead you a newer, happier existence when you return home.

You can win a CapturePRO Camera Clip from Peak Design with the Spring Some Swag contest from Tether Tools! Read the rules and regulations then head over to our Facebook page today and finish this sentence: “I’m itching to get out and [your next adventure goes here].”