Cable Management for Video

Posted by: on Apr 12, 2016

Cable Management for Video

Above all else (including getting that perfect shot) videographers are focused on safety while in-studio or on location. This includes the safety of the actors, crew, and the gear on set.


Cables tangled on the floor. Cords strung all over the place. It’s a mess, looks unprofessional and is a trip hazard. Thankfully, Tether Tools has a few cable management tools to keep videographers organized and their gear protected from damage.


The TetherGuard Cable Management Line has dozens of options that videographers need to keep their shoots running smoothly and efficiently. Add a TetherGuard Camera Support Kit to your gear bag to keep your camera port and cable secure and safe during your next shoot. Tether Tools also offers a full TetherGuard Tethering Support Kit that secures your cable into your monitor or laptop as well.


Protect sensitive cable ends from damage and disconnection with a TetherGuard Extension Lock, and when not in use, TetherGuard Pro Cable Ties keep cables organized and well maintained, increasing your cable’s lifespan and saves time trying to locate or untangle mismanaged cords.

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