Using the Aero Table for Sports Motion Analysis

Posted by: on Aug 28, 2014

Using the Aero Table for Sports Motion Analysis

In the sports industry using motion analysis software so athletes, coaches and trainers can have immediate video feedback is crucial to the training process. Seeing the mechanics in real time, not back in the locker room after practice but right then and there on the field, court or track helps an athlete and coach work on meaningful improvements in each training session. 

This all sounds great, but where can sports professionals position their laptop or iPad so it’s not sitting directly on the field, court or ice rink?

Photo courtesy ©Wayne Ryder.
Photo courtesy ©Wayne Ryder.

Laptop Table & iPad Mount

The Aero Table is a great solution for having a super lightweight, travel table that has the ability to mount to various stands using the included LAJO-4 ProBracket.

The Aero Table gives athletic trainers the ability to safely secure their laptop display to a portable stand while they watch video replay, show side by side comparisons as well as frame by frame video playback. It also provides a perfect opportunity to to present a professional workstation for a client and coach to engage easily in productive conversations. 

tether-tools-wallee-connect-lite-ipad-golf-cart-mount-4The iPad Utility Mount is a lightweight solution ideal for traveling athletic trainers. With the vast array of tablet software for sport analysis, this is a quick and easy mounting solution that takes only seconds to set up. Wallee cases are available for iPads, Generations 1-4, Mini and Air.

The Wallee System is modular and affords users the option of a stress-free Hand Strap, hands-free Shoulder Sling Strapor a clean ‘iMac-looking’ stand.  For sports analysis, with any of these. Accessories, we recommend adding a ProBumber silicone case, the added protection for field use is perfect.

Need a bigger screen?

lovu-tether-tools-local-vu-sports-analysis-software-monitor-mount-01-webIf mounting a larger screen is necessary to communicate with multiple athletes, the whole team or  for viewing from further distances,  Vu Monitor Mounts are a great lightweight solution. Coming in 3 different styles (Studio Vu, Local Vu & Go Vu) for multiple attachment options, these mounts are extremely versatile.

The Studio Vu attaches to a 5/8″(16mm) baby junior stud and can hold up to an 85lbs* monitor. The Local Vu integrates the Arca-style connection into the bracket in addition to the more traditional stand mounting options, which include the 1/4″- 20 tripod head, 3/8″ tripod mount and 5/8″(16mm) baby junior stud holding up to 35lbs*. The Go Vu includes a 1/4″-20 tripod head and Arca-style connection and holds up to a 35lbs* monitor.  

*NOTE: Always refer to maximum load limits on stands, arms and clamps when mounting a Vu Monitor Mount. Those weight limitations ALWAYS take precedent. For larger monitors always position the display over one of the stand or tripod legs. The use of a sandbag on the opposite leg of the monitor is recommended.

Some FAQs

Tether Tools LoPro-2 Bracket in thinkTank BagHow can I travel with the Aero Table? The Aero Table is made of lightweight Aerospace aluminum so weight is never an issue. Plus, with the selection of sizes, fitting it into a suitcase is simple.

lp2slv-tether-tools-lo-pro-2-bracket-silver-tether-table-aero-compare-lajo-4-bracket-front-webIndividuals also have the opportunity to purchase a low-profile bracket called the LoPro-2 Bracket. This bracket is substantially more low profile compared to the LAJO-4 ProBracket that comes standard with each Aero Table.

How sturdy is the table? Tables have the ability to hold up to 30 lbs and the brackets are balanced on the table for maximum comfort when typing or working on the table surface. Each table and bracket is made in the U.S.A. and backed by the Tether Tools Lifetime Warranty

How does the table mount? State of the art design and efficiency for integrated mounting on any 1/4″-20 tripod head, 3/8″ tripod mount, 5/8″ stud studio stand or Arca style mounting attachment using the LAJO-4 ProBracket. 

If choosing the LoPro-2 Bracket, the bracket has a 1/4″-20 female thread for mounting the table on any tripod head and a built-in Arca-style plate for compatibility with any Arca-style tripod mounting system, such as Really Right Stuff, Arca-Swiss or AcraTech.

How can this table prevent damage to my electronics? By using Aero Accessories you can secure the laptop to the table, hang cables or other devices with hookscreate a non-slip & heat distributing surface, keep sun off the screen eliminating glare and even keep your laptop battery attached to the stand.

Is the Aero Table just for laptops? Here is a quick video on many other uses for an Aero Table.  

Is the iPad mount restricted to certain uses? No, there are many options available for how you can use an iPad. Here is a quick video on other uses.