Total Versatility: Pairing Peak Design Straps with Tether Tools Gear

Posted by: on Mar 23, 2017

Total Versatility: Pairing Peak Design Straps with Tether Tools Gear
Last October at Photokina we met the good folks at Peak Design for the first time. Their motto is, “We design gear that lets creative, adventurous people follow their passions.” They make solid gear, from bags to clips – but at Tether Tools we were especially interested in a few of their straps and how they might work symbiotically with the Case Air and our tablet and iPad Mounts. The newest product from Tether Tools, the Case Air Wireless Tethering System, lets you preview images on a tablet (as well as a phone and a computer) for a streamlined and lightweight setup. It’s becoming increasingly popular with outdoor, sports, and adventure photographers who need a compact setup for both their camera and tablet. The Case Air is also a great collaborative tool, allowing photographers to provide clients, assistants, and make-up artists a real-time look at the images they’re producing. We reached out to Peak Design and tested a few solutions for both photographers working solo and photographers working with others on set, and found a couple combinations where Tether Tools and Peak Design gear paired beautifully.
On-the-Go Wirelessly Tethered Photographer
From outdoor and sports to street photography and portrait, if you love to capture the world around you out in Mother Nature then this setup may be for you. First, start with a Peak Design Leash, then pair it with an iPad enclosed in an X Lock iPad Case and secured to the Leash with a Hitch D-Ring. From Peak Design, “The most versatile, lightweight and quick-connecting camera strap in the world, Leash adapts to any camera and shooting situation,” and we couldn’t agree more. More comfortable than expected, the Leash puts the iPad right on your hip, and functions well as a sling, neck or shoulder strap. With this configuration, the Case Air is transmitting images via its ad-hoc wireless network directly to the iPad, and the tablet is easily accessible for a quick review of images. This setup is perfect for any photographer who wants all of their tools right by their side.  
A Tablet for Reviewing Images on Set
Wireless tethering opens the door to a new on-set experience for clients. With wireless tethering solutions like Case Air the client viewing experience is forever changed. Transferring images to iPads and tablets also provides an opportunity for clients to watch the images appear on a device as the shoot takes place. At the time of this writing, an iPad 9.7-inch iPad Pro is just north of $500. Considering that, you may be a tad nervous handing your iPad over to a client or assistant on set for reviewing images. Accidents happen, but with the Cuff they can be avoided. In this setup, the Cuff from Peak Design is paired with the AeroTab S2 and a Hitch D-Ring to secure the iPad. The low-profile Cuff safely tethers to a wrist with ease, and the tablet feels comfortable in your hand and securely mounted with the AeroTab S2, which works with any standard size tablet. This setup is ideal for client use during photography sessions, hair and make-up stylists on set, or anyone who is using an iPad or Android tablet on-the-go. To shop now or for more information, visit and